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Sep 5, 2011 10:30 PM

3 Day Rosh Hashana Vegetarian Menu?

RH is a three day event this year (with Shabbat immediately following). Anyone with a 3 day vegetarian menu for lunches and dinners? Eggs are OK, but no dairy since we will be sharing some meals with people who eat meat. No eggplant recipes, please - allergies.

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  1. There is a wonderful mushroom curry in the original Moosewood cookbook. (The 1981 version.) Totally non-dairy. Celery, mushroom, apples, onions, can't remember what else. Has a lot of chopping and sauteing but you signed up for that when you said vegetarian. Keeps well in the fridge for a few days. We make it for Shavuot (lactose intolerant friend.) If you can't find the recipe online post again and I will type it for you bli neder.

    Can your guests do spicy?

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      But I despise coconut so I omit it. You can tone down the spicy.

      Point of information: If you are not a vegetarian you might not own a dairy blech. If that's the case, you might want to make your food in fleishig pots (since one of your guests has a lactose problem anyway) and avoid the problem of how to heat up food for Shabbat. I like cold salmon on Shabbat but some folks are careful to always have something hot on Shabbat and look at me cross eyed if I offer them tea for their hot food.

      PS the recipe I just posted is too liquidy for Shabbat reheating. It comes out with a lot of sauce.

    2. I have used Quinoa, kasha and steel cut oats in place of rice for a Pilaf

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        1. My favorite is to do Sweet and Sour meatballs with gimme lean bround beef style stuff. Make the meat balls and sautee them. Then make the sauce by combining 1 can of condensed tomator soup, 1 can of water (or just 1 box of the Horizon Tomato Soup) and 1 can of whole berry cranberry sauce. Cook the meatballs in there for a while (maybe half an hour -45 min?) to absorb the flavor.

          Serve with Basmati Rice.

          Oh, and the secret is to make the meatballs just the right size, I use a cookie scoop which is about 2 tsp.

          Shabbos? Shabbos is Shabbos, leave the crock pot plugged in (SAFELY!) and make a cholent.

          1. Stuff grape leaves with rice, currents and pine nuts, simmer in a Sephardi red sauce spiced with cumin and red peppers, and serve on a bed of lentils.

            Simmer red lentils with chopped onions and butternut squash until it turns to mush.. Add curry spices and a small amount of oil or margarine of your choice. (authenticity would demand an enormous amount of ghee, adding the butternut squash allows you to get the creaminess with just s dollop of oil. I use margarine. Coconut milk is wonderfulin this recipe and lots of us adore it, though the OP doesn't care for it.) Serve as a dal over rice. With a fresh mango or peach chutney (dal and chutney can be made ahead of the chag). With a fresh spinach salad, you have a beautiful meal.

            Thin the red lentil dal and serve as soup.

            Check out Sephardi cookbooks. Lots of wonderful bean dishes.

            And remember that you don't have to have protein in the main course, just in the meal.

            You can do a really good bean soup for a first course. Then something nostalgic, like kasha varnishkas with sauteed mushrooms for the main course. And an egg-rich dessert like a chocolate torte , Crème brûlée or egg-based mousse for the dessert.

            Lots of the traditional recipes can be tweaked. like, add chickpeas to the sauteed mushrooms served over kasha varnishkas. Or make your traditional sweet-and-sour stuffed cabbage recipe, but stuff the cabbage with mashed chickpeas mixed with chopped onions sauteed until browned. using about the same volume of smashed (with a fork or potato masher) chickpeas and sauteed onions gives a rich mouth feel. Pour the traditional red sweet and sour sauce with raisins over a bed of rice steamed in the chick-pea cooking liquid for flavor. Or save the liquid as a soup base for the first course.

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              the red lentils and butternut squash sound awesome! Thanks.