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Sep 5, 2011 10:03 PM

New Mex. Place in Winchester?

I have long had the hunch that there were only 2 active CHs who lived in Winchester, so I'm guessing no one is going to respond to this, but, just in case, has anyone tried the new Mex. place on Swanton St? I cannot imagine it could be good, but boy would i be thrilled if it were!

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  1. I had lunch there last week. Place is nice inside, but it was freezing! Hint to staff, if people go out for a sweater something might be amiss. VERY young waitstaff. Had the tree tacos with marinated pork and rice and beans. The tacos contained a few shreds of pork, comes with two tortillas each. The rice was VERY salty but the beans was OK. No lunch menu apart from wraps and burritos. I'll give them another try later.

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      My grandchildren live within walking distance of Swanton St. We occasionally would walk them down to previous Italian version of this restaurant--it was nothing special. So we moved on to Lucia's and more recently to China Sky--an excellent choice.

      I hope the Mexican version succeeds--is their new ownership or just a new concept?? The previous reply doesn't offer much hope.

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        hope you'll try the one really good place- Parson's Table.

      2. Where on Swanton Street? I went to Mamadou's last week but was fixated on bread, didn't notice a Mex rest...

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          hi mum, it's just off washington st, after the gas sta, on that same side.

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            Went right by it, then...thanks for the heads up, I'm curious to try it.

        2. If you want a really good little gem of a Mexican Restaurant, not too far away, try Three Amigos in Stoneham. It's family run and really good. It's just above a pizza place kind of atmosphere, with BYOB. But, the food is good and the people are so, so nice.

          Three Amigos
          125 Main St Ste 4, Stoneham, MA 02180

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          1. re: mcel215

            mcel,does this place have 'new' owners? we've been here 25 years; last ate there 15? years ago and it was deftnly not special, but i am a wicked picky Mex. eater. what other mex places have you tried in boston and how does 3amigos compare on certain dishes? thanks much for the info.
            p.s. don't get me wrong. " Really nice owners" is a huge plus for me and we always want to support those people, but ultimately, it's the excellence of the food that matters most for us.

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              Well chef,

              I am certainly not overly impressed with the Mexican Restaurants that I have visited in the Boston area. But, 3 Amigos, is one that I do frequent. You can ask the servers/family for any change up and they will do it.
              My friends love the chile relanos (sp?), and the pork (chili verde) plate. I've been a bit restricted on my diet this summer and order the grilled veggie and rice burrito. I add pico de gallo, black beans and guac (for an extra 1.49). But mostly, if I wanted any substitution, they will do it. For other Mexican places that I have tried, it would be South of the Border in Woburn, near Lowe's, which is a chain I believe. More expensive, but pretty good.
              Also, I love the Enchiladas di Jaba at Mexico Lindo in Melrose. But, it's a much more expensive dinner. Great sangria there also.
              Like I said, I believe that good Mexican is lacking in this area, so I'll stick with 3 Amigos's. At least there, if anyone has a request, they will happily oblige you.
              I hope this helps and that you like the place in Winchester. Let me know how it is. It's pretty close by me, but I don't want to go if it's mediocre and because of Winchester, it's more expensive. :) Thanks.


          2. Hi OC - We ordered take out this weekend. A few ordered the pork cooked with orange and cilantro served with rice and beans. The rice appeared to be from a mix and the beans were so-so. The pork was sliced from a tenderloin ( a bit tough) and the sauce was bland. The kids' quesadillas were overstuffed with cheese. While I know you are no fan of Taqueria La Mexicana, their pork butt nachos with hot sauce, cilantro and onion is the bomb. The nachos here had hamburger meat and sour cream. Ugh. On kid ordered French onion soup (I know, why that here and why is it on the menu) and it was the most godawful soups I have ever eaten. Someone spilled the bouillon powder in the container. Maybe we will try again in a few weeks but we're not hopeful.

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              esmom, this is the mexican place in winchester, yes? Well, YOU are the man here, mom! i think you have just saved a number of us from an awful experience. I, for one, am most appreciative, but am also sorry it was so awful. I'm also really glad you have found something you love at Taq.Mex. Very nice guy and there is another dish that a few CHs really like there, that they've posted about on "Mexican" threads, if you ever wanted to search--- but i have a hunch you know all that already :-}
              Anyway, thank you again.

              ( Aside: you know, i feel so awful when a new resnt fails; i mean, it is SUCH an investment to lose, particularly for immigrants. But then I also, as in this case and the Sabatino's Chinese replacement on Wash. St., ask myself whatEVER gave them the idea their food was good enough to make a living from? sigh)
              pps. i regularly go to Montecristo in Somerville to pick up their pupusas revueltas (thick masa cake filled wth a creamy mix of meat, beans and cheese) which I suspect kids would just love . they freeze well and you just griddle them or put them in a toaster oven for awhile.wicked cheap too ($1.75 @ i think)Anyway, if you ever want me to pick up any for you, just email me through my member page address.)

              Montecristo Restaurant
              146 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

              Sabatino's Restaurant
              735 Broadway, Malden, MA 02148

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                opinionatedchef I don't doubt your sincerity in thanking other posters for "taking one for the team." However, I am a bit perplexed about your comments regarding the quality of the food and the restaurant potentially going bankrupt since you have never eaten at this Mexican restaurant. Its also only been open a few weeks, this thread doesn't mention that there is apparently a family tie to Rancho Grande in East Boston (which some hounds have liked in the past but there are now better options), and it is interesting that they maybe making Cochinita Pibil even though execution doesn't sound great. I just think its a bit early to pass summary judgement on the restaurant.

                BTW, Emiliano'z in West Medford won't rock your world and has a too short menu, but would be more to your liking than Three Amigos and its quite close to Winchester. Just stick to starch oriented preps (taco, burrito, quesadilla), avoid the chicken, and try the soups (especially weekend specials when they sometimes have pozole). They toned down the spice after opening, but you can ask for more.

                Three Amigos
                125 Main St Ste 4, Stoneham, MA 02180

                1. re: itaunas

                  dunegirl, think of it this way. i am much older than you and don't want to waste any time left on a place that has that many bad foods- unless, of course, you or mom or another reliable source- tell me differently- on down the line.And because i am older than you, i have the time to drive to la verdad (and montecristo, thnx to you) and will continue there unless you tell me Emiliano'z (or anywhere else) can equal them in their protein components(esp. carne asada, pescado,pastor,and though la verdad doesn't usually have it, we also love treatments w/ chile verde, colorado, and chipotle.) As always, I thank you for your knowledgable and valuable postings.