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Sep 5, 2011 09:50 PM

Where is the wow factor on Hawksworth?

Had dinner with my wife in Hawksworth. We had maple bacon sweetbreads & 48 hr beef shortrib as appetizers; yarrow meadows duck breast & fraser valley pork belly as main dishes. The service is good. Every plates are very well displayed; the food is ... good, but, not really great.

I recall 2 years ago, we had dinner at West, everything are just taste great. This time, we just don't feel the "wow" factor in Hawksworth! Am I expecting too much? Or is that my taste for food getting "numb"?

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  1. I was there recently. I wasn't wowed either. I suspect that, perhaps like yourself, I am getting a bit jaded. I'll go again....but I'm in no rush.

    1. I agree. I enjoyed it but there are certainly better restaurants in the city.

      1. I wasn't wowed but I thought it was very good, save the service which was like a bunch of puppies running around. I think it needs a few months.

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          That's a good way of putting the service Anne M :-)

          We went a few weeks ago for our anniversary dinner. To be honest, I can't remember much about the food (we had the tasting menu) as too many service glitches got in the way. They didn't seem to be acting as a team and I got a 'not my department' attitude from our server when I asked about one issue.

          I'm giving it a good while before I return - but will likely visit their bar in the meantime - that looked quite inviting.

          1. re: kinnickinnik

            I've been there numerous times and never had a problem with the service...except in the bar.

        2. I had the tasting menu as well. Couple of wow dishes, couple of very good. My biggest issue was with the noise-level. Table of 4 on a Wed night and the place was deafening. We all were having to lean in and borderline shout to hear each other.

          1. We went to Hawksworth last week as a group of six. The room was beautiful. The crowd was sophisticated. The service was attentive and impeccable. Dishes, unfortunately, were hit and miss. Started out of the gates with fabulous wow factor salads and appetizers (Octopus salad special had a brillant balance of smokiness, heat, acidity and textures) and downgraded to ok entrees with a few at the table being big disappointments. My bacon wrapped duck, wild rice and edamame entree (another special) tasted like a Lean cuisine (something tasted artificial in there). It was way too earthy to be palatable and I could not finish the plate. The biggest disappointment by far were the desserts. The dessert menu, oversimplified down to four key words per item,, needed elaborate explanation by our waiter to make any sense. As a table of six we ordered almost the entire dessert menu and except for a plate of macarons, there was nothing memorable... Ok one thing - - the spearamint gel accompanying the chocolate ganache reminded me in taste, appearance and texture to gel toothpaste -- but that was not memorable in a good way. I really really wanted to love this place especially given the start of the meal. We may return in hopes that the next time the brilliance would be carried through the whole meal - though the second time we will order much more cautiously.

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              I am not any great judge of higher end restaurants but I am gettting a bit tired of places that can only do appetizers well and just fall down on the mains, never mind the desserts.