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Sep 5, 2011 08:33 PM

Doritos Intense Pickles

Has anyone seen it out yet?

I got to try this...

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  1. I've seen them all over town. (King West) Havent tried.

    1. They were handing out samples at Dundas Square. Tasted pretty good. Saw it at Loblaws

      1. They're pretty good. Not as "intense" as perhaps the label implies, but definitely none of the nacho-ness that I was afraid they'd carry.

        1. Yes? Hi! We did the trying of them and they are almost the least favourite of the Dorito's. The pickle is not the intense and the texture is not as the crunchy, almost like the thinner Dorito. It still made the bad after taste like the cool ranch but sucked even more cause the pickle wasnt very good.