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STL Labor Day weekend - casual eating review

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Just got back from a 2-night trip with my wife and 2-year old. As before, we had a great time in your city. More limited in where we could eat this time but, armed with a few suggestions from this board and some other research, we did pretty well.

We got to town Saturday afternoon and had a deli lunch at Gioia's on the Hill. Hot salami was awesome; meatballs were a bit too dense but were tasty. Great, friendly, casual spot for the little guy. Right across the street from a playground, too. While on the Hill also did some shopping, had coffee at Shaw's, and toasted almond gelato at Gelateria del Riso. I always enjoy spending time in this area.

After a trip to Grant's Farm, the boy was worn out and fell asleep - which let us have a good time at the Schlafly Tap Room while he napped in his stroller. Pumpkin ale, maibock, and oktoberfest were all good.

For dinner we tried to hit Pappy's Smoke House but they were sold out at 6:30 on a Saturday night - which seems to be either an excessive marketing/hype ploy or very poor planning on their part. I was a little disappointed, but I'm from Memphis, so I can get barbecue here.

We then went to PW Pizza on Chouteau. Maybe a bit trendy for the little guy, but probably would have worked on a normal night. However, he was in a bad mood after waking up from his nap at this point. We called an audible and got it to go. Fresh mozzarella with pepperoni and wild mushrooms - delicious.

Sunday lunch was at the ballpark - a repeat of last year's bbq bacon dog. I'm only half-joking when I say this is a St Louis civic treasure. Cards lost in the 10th but it was a good game and we made it through the whole thing - I was betting we'd only get through about 4 innings with my son (his first game!)

For dinner Sunday night we drove down South Grand and toured all the little ethnic places on the way to Ted Drewe's. Neat little strip with a bunch of vietnamese, middle eastern, and chinese places. We ate at the Vine (Lebanese) and really enjoyed eating on the patio.

Ted's pumpkin concrete - a piece of pie blended into vanilla custard. Whoa.

Final meal was Monday lunch on our way out of town after the zoo. Curiosity got the best of me and we stopped at the Imo's just south of Forest Park. I understand it's an institution, and I didn't hate it, but as an outsider, I don't need to do it again.

I'm already looking forward to our next baseball weekend in '12.

Schlafly Tap Room
2100 Locust St, Saint Louis, MO 63103

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  1. Thanks so much bulldogx2...I just love to read follow-ups. I'm so glad you had a nice weekend. I live just off South Grand and I am currently madly in love with The Vine...I tried PW a few weeks ago and thought it was good, but a little more ritzy than I'm necessarily looking for in a pizza joint...or maybe just too much bar, not enough joint. I enjoyed it (and I do believe they're doing a salt-rising crust, which is unusual) but it isn't going to be my 'go to' pizza. Thank you for reminding me about Gioa's...hot salami used to be a regular lunch order when I worked at the Humane Society just up the street, but I haven't had one of their sandwiches in years...

    1. Imo's? don't apologize, as a born 'n' bred type I love it, but even we understand it's not for everyone. next time in good weather hit Giancarlo's on the Hill and teach the kid bocce on the terrace and have the same-crust-but-not-Provel pizza (indoors is mostly just a bar).

      Pappy's is notorious for selling out early especially on the weekend.

      your 2-YO only had one outbreak in all that? - the kiddo's a trooper! (and I like your phrase "we called an audible" wish more would)