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Rehearsal Dinner in San Diego to bring in in-n-out and chicago style pizza

Looking for a spot to host about 100 people in April 2012. We're having our reception in Del Mar and are open to some other areas for the Friday Rehearsal Dinner. Bride is from san diego and groom is from Chicago so were looking for a place where we can bring in some general favorites of both sides: in-n-out burgers and chicago style pizza. Since were looking to 'order in' restaurant or hotels are out. Any other suggestions on where to start?

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  1. Burgers and pizza? Sounds like a perfect event for the historic Firehouse Museum downtown, in Little Italy. They have a full kitchen, a bar area, a lot of space, many old trucks and other equipment on display, and a very reasonable price. It's a unique venue that will leave an impression. There's a big "meeting room" in the back, but the more interesting stuff is up front. You can mingle in the museum, food in hand.

    http://sandiegofirehousemuseum.com/ (The pictures on their website don't do it justice. If this sounds remotely interesting, I encourage you to visit in person.)

    1. Well, In-n-out is its own thing, but if you can't get burgers catered by In-n-out, I'd go with Burger Lounge, whose burgers taste similar to In-n-out. As far as Chicago style pizza, I'd go with Lefty's or Berkeley Pizza. My significant other, who grew up in Chicago, and is a fan of Giordano's, believes that Berkeley is the closest to Chicago style pizza in San Diego.

      1. For Pizza go Lefty's.

        However, you might as well just get some shipped in from Chicago.

        In-N-Out Burger is not exactly "San Diego".

        If you want to keep it real "San Diego", you should go with Jack in the Box.

        Possibly give some WD-40 as wedding gifts?

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          ummm, In-N-Out has better burgers than Jack in the Box! :-)

        2. Thanks all, to clarify, were looking for some great venues that will let us bring these tastes in. We're planning on getting the pizzas shipped in frozen from local place in Chicago and bake them on site. Burgers we're still on the fence about - bring in the real deal, or just a very close impersonation (knowing it wont be the same, but who wants soggy burgers that have been in transit). Really need to start with venue first and go from there.

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            If you want my $0.02, I'd at least try the pies at Lefty's to see if they'll work for you. The owners are Chicago transplants, and young.

            Marina Village is a good venue for offbeat stuff because they don't lock you down in any way. One of their rooms has an outdoor food prep area where a grill can be set up.

          2. Try the Ultimate Skybox at Diamond View Towers. Great space that overlooks Petco Park and has great views of the bay and the city skyline. Have been to plenty of parties there, including a rehearsal dinner, and it is a great spot. They have a full catering kitchen. You might also try Scripps Seaside Forum in La Jolla, though I know it can book up to a year out. Good luck, and congrats!

            1. You can hire the In and Out food truck for your event..
              Wedding bowl in La Jolla, Seagrove Park in Del Mar or LJ Women's Bridge club are great venues.


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                From the website:

                The Cookout Trailers are only available in Los Angeles and Orange Counties and limited parts of Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

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                  that's weird..been to parties with them in SD.

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                    BC are you sure it was in-n-out and not the restaurant chain whose name shall not be mentioned. Cuz they have a fire truck that serves up Corvettes burgers. I hgave been to a couple of events that they catered.

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                      I'm sure of it...it wasn't that Patty Melt food truck..it's been several years though.
                      Maybe it was some special thing that they knew I was going to be there..hee hee

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                        Perhaps they have a secret menu of locations to go along w/ their secret menu of food.

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                          This board really needs "Likes this post" functionality - good stuff, JRSD. :)

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                            I guess my covert..black helicopter..special ops has been exposed..
                            I will go back to being Darth Vader and finish off my book tour.

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                        You are not alone - I've been to private parties with the In-n-Out truck in SD too.

                  2. What a fun idea!!!! We once had a corporate party, we were told to to be dressy and they brought the In and Out truck, it was so much fun and a real blast, your guests will love it. You should examine the ZLAC Rowing Club on Mission Bay. The place is historic, it is on the bay, we have been to many events there, I am sure you would love it, and the Truck could pull into their parking lot, evewrything would be private. Good luck, let us know what you choose.

                    The club was started when women were excluded from joining the San Diego Rowing Club. times have changed in athletics, but they are a still functioning rowing team and they have a great house on the water.