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Jangbang - Korean/Mexican tacos at Bar at College/Bathurst - reviews?

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I walked by this place yesterday as I was in the Bathurst/College area. I saw a sign out front saying they serve Korean/Mex tacos. Having heard of similar type of food in food trucks in LA, etc I am kind of curious how the food is there. From the Yelp reviews it sounds kind of sketchy:


Just wondering if any CHers have been there?

Sounds like they do have cheap drinks

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  1. Is this the place that says "Korean Taco Bar" out front? I passed by that the other day and meant to ask here about it. Would love to get more info.

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      Yeah, same place. There is also a write up on BlogTo about it here:


      Only open from 7pm to 2am and sounds more like a bar vs a restaurant

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        I walked by a few months ago and noticed that. Also, the menu was very small and very pedestrian as far as Kor-Mex food goes (Bulgogi Burritos, Spicy Chicken Tinga Tacos, that's about it). It did not inspire me to try it out.

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          Yes, I'm waiting for someone else to take this particular bullet. Preliminary word from a friend was to pass...

    2. We attempted to try it out on Friday. Stopped in around 8 and were told they'd totally run out of all of their food. I suppose that's a good sign, will try again another time.

      1. I went during their Twitter promotion and quite enjoyed their food. Portions were a little small for one of my friends (a guy) but fine for me. Prices are good. It is more of a bar than a restaurant but if you are looking for some food while drinking, it's a decent choice. The beef bulgogi tacos were my fav but the pulled pork was good too. Chicken could have been spicier.

        1. I love this place. Mainly because it's Korean food. It's actually not that bad. I would definitely suggest the bulgogi burritos and tofu tacos (yeah, surprisingly really really good). Although it's only three taco, it's actually quite filling (probably because I also had a beer as well).

          1. According to BlogTO this morning, they are now closed (they said there is a notice on their doors).

            I never got around to trying them but just wanted to update the thread that I started about a year ago!

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              I went about a month ago and it was not good at all. The bulgogi taco was way dried out and tough, had to throw it out. The pork kimchee taco was not worth finishing either. They had the doors closed on a hot sunny day (6:00 p.m. on a Wednesday) when all the surrounding businesses had their's wide open. I wasn't even sure they were operating because it was so dark in there. The server was very nice but the place seemed like they had given up.

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                Any chance you tried the Far East Taco place @ CNE this year? Possibly be able to make a comparison?

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                  Yes, I did in fact try that place and don't even get me started on the failure of a set-up they had going on there. Suffice to say, by the time I got my taco it was cold. I had the bulgogi taco, it was okay but not that flavourful. I was sorry I waited all that time in line. The Montreal smoked meat across the way was much better.

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                I tried to go twice and they'd run out of food both times.

              3. Funny how an article in the Toronto Star Small Business section (October 11, 2012, I can't find it online) talking about "Navigating the Niche Factor" has an interview with Michael and Jason Jang where they say that they were "late on the trend" and that is why they didn't do well.... Total BS based on reviews in this thread and elsewhere. Plenty of room/interest for good tacos still (La Carnita opened up after them). They just weren't executing it right.

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                  they didnt do well because their restaurant looked like a gross dark hole

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                    You can get Korean Tacos @ Banh Mi Boys. Why go anywhere else when they sell the best tacos you will find anywhere!