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Sep 5, 2011 03:06 PM

Reasonable, Yet Delicious Restaurant Near Academy of Music

I am trying to find a restaurant near the Academy of Music for a 'first date'...
I'd prefer for it to not be too expensive, nor romantic. I've read a few things online about places, but some have either closed down or received generally poor reviews. Anyone with knowledge of the area that could respond, it would be much appreciated!

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  1. Makiman is just east of Broad and Spruce, nice seating, quiet and great sushi.

    1. Bistro La Viola is a very reasonable (cash only) BYO practically around the corner. Great food and service. I'm always been pleased.

      1. If it's a casual thing, and neither of you are going to be dressed in black tie, what's wrong with some of the bars around there that have great food? Monk's is always good food...and the diversity of the crowd always provides great people watching and a conversational jumping off point in case chitchat starts to die. Good Dog on 15th is close by and great great great burgers. There's also Sansom Street Oyster House as a safe alternative if you want to kick it up a notch - good food, not too romantic, but can get a little pricey of you're eating and drinking. If you cross Broad Street, Time at 13th and Sansom is kind of fun, and you have the option of the restuarant or the whiskey bar, El Vez is there for quirky and casual. Opa is a nice option, and is reasonable. But for my money, if it's a first date and you're still trying to figure each other out and seduction hasn't entered the equation yet, go to Monk's.

        1. All good tips above. I'll add Giorgio's on Pine (1300 block), another good Italian BYO with reasonable prices. But for a first date I agree with doxiemom, Monks or Good Dog is a good call.