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Sep 5, 2011 03:01 PM

Headed from Disney land to phx via road any must stops?

I will have 2 little ones with me looking for a dive or drive in of sorts? Good burger or shake to make his 4 hour drive little more exciting?

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  1. Am I missing something? Your proposed travel - from Disneyland [I assume Anaheim, CA] to Phoenix AZ is approx 350 miles, plus or minus fifty miles depending on destination. 4 hours?????? via road???????? Tell me more! I've made the drive from PHX to LAX more times than I can count but never in anything like 4 hours. You must hold the land speed record.

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      Ok sorry 6-7 hrs I have never done it and was told about 4 hrs by my brother. You have suggestions? Or just want to shun me for my under estimate of time?

      1. re: Sherri

        I've done downtown LA to the Hyatt in downtown Phoenix in 4.5 hours.

      2. I have no personal experience, but, similar questions are asked, periodically. Search this board, and the general Southwest board for Blythe, and you'll find a bunch of threads, if you go back a few years.

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          What's in Blythe besides national chains? My mom lives there and there's nothing to see.

          Supposedly the truck stop in Quartzite has good pancakes.

        2. I have heard good things (but have yet to investigate) about Rebel BBQ in Blythe. The Wheel Inn diner behind the dinosaurs in Cabazon (you'll know 'em when you see 'em) is also apparently at least decent, a true old-school roadside diner.

          1. I've had some decent (not to be confused with mind-blowingly awesome) Mexican food at La Casita Dos in Blythe. It has plenty of 1970s retro character, but not the 1950s carhops-on-rollerskates kitschy charm that "drive-in" suggests to me.

            The place seems to be popular with locals and their families--I saw lots of moms with kids in there one day at lunchtime.

            La Casita Dos sits right next to the freeway and has a tall sign--coming from the west on I-10, you would take Exit 239 (Lovekin Blvd), cross under the freeway, and take the first left.

            La Casita Dos
            830 W Rice St
            Blythe, CA 92225

            1. I have made this trip alot and I love kitschy dives. I always stop at Roy's Cafe at the George Patton Museum in Amboy 30 miles East of Indio, even if it is just to go to the bathroom and get a cup of coffee. I highly recommend the diner.

              Then, also I always stop at the Yacht Club in Quartzite.....this is more like a bar but great fish & chips. Sometimes live music and I think I was there at like 9am on Christmas day and they prob.

              Fun, Fun

              For maximum fun always stop at both places in both directions.....always.

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              1. re: chewbacca

                Does Roy's actually serve food?

                What body of water near Quartzite merits a Yacht Club?

                1. re: aynrandgirl

                  The Yacht Club was named with a sense of humor, including the motto "Long time, no sea". The restaurant serves bar type food primarily (wings, jalapeno poppers, etc.).

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                    My bad, I was wrong...I stop at Chiriaco Summit where the George Patton museum is. The place is called the Chiriaco Summit cafe and it sells old style cafe food and has a self serve coffe pot up front with a stack of styrofoam cups....serve yourself to go. Same general location ...east of Coachella.

                    The yacht club is funny and very local but it is set on a wash that flows if it does rain. Also divey but fun and good and very entertaining with the locals who are a strange crew. The town swells with snowbird campers in the cool months and clears out in the heat. The t-shirts are pretty cool and I have had many throughout the years.

                    Check them both out and enjoy the drive.