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Sep 5, 2011 02:16 PM

Stairsholme Farm meat/eggs

I've seen the products from SF mentioned a lot on this board and am going to hit the Coop la Maison Verte (can someone update me on the day(s)/times of availability here and whether or not I can go elsewhere in town?) on Thursday this week. Googled the company and I can't find specific product info anywhere - they don't even seem to have a website (or my Google-fu is slipping).

I have about $120 to spend and would like to try fresh eggs (do they have fresh chicken eggs? just duck?) and a whole chicken for sure, as well as some beef and pork. I'm looking for recommendations here - what do they do best? What should I try? Do they have any dairy products?

Any advice would be very helpful, I'm going in blind, pretty much.

EDIT: Also, do I need to order in advance and if so, what for (i.e. will they definitely have eggs, certain cuts of meat etc.? whole chickens?) Does anyone have a phone #?

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  1. Details for the farm:

    Ferme Stairsholme
    Andrew Stairs, propriétaire et exploitant
    351, chemin Moore
    J0L 1H0
    450.247.0143 or

    The Ferme du Zephyr site, which is not fully up to date, lists their hours at the Coop as Thursdays: 3 - 7 pm & Saturdays: 10 am - 3 pm and mentions bringing meat from Stairsholme.

    You could also try the Ste-Anne's farmers market on Saturday mornings but probably best to ask Stairsholme before trekking out.

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    1. Stairsholme can deliver if you're looking to buy large amounts, I believe.

      I know Andrew Stairs of Stairsholme and Stephen Homer of Ferme du Zéphyr are friends and Stephen has in the past sold some of Andrew's eggs and frozen chickens at the Coop dropoff -- you could try contacting Ferme du Zéphyr

      Ah, relevant: see this

      And how to contact Ferme du Zéphyr

      Contacting Stairsholme

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        They usually have their eggs (duck only from what I know, well, cane actually) but I think that it would be better to order in advance for any meat.

      2. Here's what they say in their weekly Tuesday mailings (always the same, only the date changes)... note that they *do* recommend ordering in advance, even for eggs:

        Hi everybody,
        We would like to communicate that we will be Thursday September 1st, from 3:00pm till 7:00pm, at the COOP Maison Verte (5785 Sherbrooke Street West, corner of Melrose, in NDG).
        We will have available all our products:
        - Grassfed Beef: steaks, strips, ground, roast, cubes, blades or chuck, ribs, and shank.
        - Grassfed Veal: ground, cubes, blades, roast, shank, chops.
        - Grassfed Beef sausages seasoned with chives or ginger
        - Duck eggs
        - Organ meats available now: liver, cheek meats, kidneys, ox-tail, heart, and tongue!
        It is important to place your orders; we will receive them until Thursday at 10:00am.
        Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you wish to place an order.
        Looking forward to seeing you again,
        Rommy and Andrew
        Ferme Stairsholme (450) 247 0143

        Enjoy! I have ordered their eggs numerous times in previous years and they are indeed delicious and entirely worth the trek.

        1. Thank you all, I will definitely be picking up some of those eggs...can't wait to have them poached all soft and gooey on toast.

          Am I to understand he doesn't have chickens? Or only sometimes. I will call tomorrow. Thanks again!!!

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            Do not miss the eggs! They are to die for when poached.

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              That is correct, Stairs Farm does not raise chickens. His Veal blade steak is amazing as is his beef rib steak.

              1. re: ios94

                Andrew used to also have chickens (I'd purchased some but that's several years in the past).

                I think he was unhappy at how much the chickens had to travel to the abattoirs (several hours away, since the local abattoir had closed), and also how they were getting slaughtered (kinda too brutally for his tastes).