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Sep 5, 2011 02:06 PM

What to do with these left over :6oz steak and 4 chicken wings,

As I said, what should I do? I put them into my fridge 2 days ago, I want to have them served as my dinner, but I don't know how to reheat them ~ thank you guys.

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  1. If you're too uncertain of the microwave (which can destroy food), or reheating in the oven, try putting them in a strong ziplock freezer bag and place it in simmering water for several minutes. They should heat without cooking any further.

    1. I think the sous vide idea is a really good one. But you can also microwave them without drying them out too much by putting a dripping wet paper towel over them and microwaving them for 1.5 minutes at first. And if that's not hot enough, try another 30 seconds.

      If you want to make something different of them, I'd slice up the steak, shred the chicken, and make a stir fry with some vegetables. :)