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Sep 5, 2011 02:06 PM

Atherton is amazing

just wrapped up a week of dining in London

By far the most interesting, inventive and by far the best food preparations were At Pollen Street Social

Incredibly knowledgable wine service paired an Australian Pinot with a salty savory pork belly with pork rinds and just the perfect sweet carrots to creation a taste sensation second to none

A starter of pop in your mouth fresh tomato soup with a crab waffle drowning within was perfect. A Alsace early harvest white accompanied and accented the sweetness with a heady sweet nose that belied the oaky depth of the non sweet deep white wine

And our dining partner had a cote de bouef with a side salad and triple fried potatoes that was a work of art to behold

The kitschy dessert bar actually worked much better than we thought possible, the treats from the pastry chef were nice but the view of Jason and his team working the line behind a sliding glass door gave us the feeling of being at a chef's table while sipping muscat and eating Devine sweets.

Other standouts from our week was the egg and caviar dish at L'atelier, an amazing creative wine service at amaranth in the four seasons hotel and a blow your mind meal St wading and a fun social
Event at bar bouloud

But Atherton is the chef of the moment in London - at least until Thomas Keller's pop up in Harrod's opens in a few weeks

Pollen Street Social
10 Pollen St, London, England W1S 1, GB

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  1. I am so happy to read your review. We're going to Pollen Street on Saturday. That soup sounds amazing indeed.

    1. Just want to second this. PSS is my favorite restaurant right now. I think he's created someone very special - the food is of a fine dining standard (and then some) but the room and the vibe is very much fun. Its also a great place just to pop in for cocktails.

      i would also say that its very reasonable - last time we spent 100pounds for dinner for 2 including 3 drinks, this compares very favorably with, say Jamie Italians, where we spent 70 last time we were there (albeit it it was a hard day at work and we had sliiiightly more to drink).

      1. Really glad you liked it...but must challenge your assertion that Keller will wipe the floor with everyone else when he pops up (though at £250/head I'd expect him to be serving roast swan with truffle and gold leaf, so you never know!) Brett Graham (Ledbury 22 places above the Laundry, if you pay attention to that sort of thing), Tristan Welch, Marcus Wareing, Nuno Mendes...All doing jolly interesting things. And if you do the VFM sums...

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        1. re: helen b

          The San Pellegrino list of obviously nonsense though. In a different way to Michelin but still only very broadly indicative and of trendiness rather than quality.

          I agree with Helen though, The £250 a head is absolutely ludicrous. You could eat at The Fat Duck and Marcus Wareing for that. Ate at MW for the first time in ages last time and it was superb, really innovative. I wonder if that's James Knappett's influence.

          I love Pollen Street too. Although did anyone see Jason's cardigan on Saturday kitchen?!

          Fat Duck
          High St, Bray, Windsor and Maidenhead SL6 2, GB