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Sep 5, 2011 01:40 PM


I'm in montreal for a few days, unexpectedly, due to my dad in the hospital. wife and kids at home in NJ, I'm shuttling my mom to and fro the JGH.... and eating junk food, but it's the yummy nostalgia stuff..... harvey's hamburger, OJ, Mike's Sub, Souvlaki, ,Yangtze egg roll plus... mmm...

But where can I fulfill that craving for matzah-ball soup and a shnitzel or smoked meat sandwich? thinking way back of old brown derby, but what is the replacement?

What other nostalgic places or foods have I forgotten? When I'm in with family, I definitely can't eat all this crap'generally unhealthy foods.


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  1. For smoked meat you're going to get recommended to Schwartz's downtown on blvd. St. Laurent. For matzah-ball soup some would say the Main deli pretty much across the street from Schwartz's, while others would say that Lester's deli makes a decent soup.

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    1. re: Haggisboy

      Snowdon Deli, Dunn's Famous, and Abie's Smoked Meat & Steak.

      1. re: Haggisboy

        yeah, of course Schwartz', but just too far at this point....

      2. How about a trip to Chalet BBQ (Decarie and Sherbooke). No matzah-ball soup but definitely nostalgia and comfort food.

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        1. re: tah1234

          yup. GOod old Chalet.... always arguing over chalet versus Laurier vs cote st luc BBQ....

        2. Whatever you do, avoid the Orange Julep. Ok, you might want to go there for a some fries or onion rings, just to take a picture for old times sake, but stay away from most of what they offer. They're terribly over priced. Their prices for Nathan's hot dogs are through the roof. You can probably pay less for junk food at the Bell Center taking in a Habs game.

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          1. re: Haggisboy

            On that note ... why harvey's?? yuck!

            1. re: kpaxonite

              aw come on, of course Harvey's - don't they make a hamburger a beautiful thing? you can load it up with tomatoes, pickles, etc. Yes, it's not fine dining, it's not even dining, but it's a prefered choice over the other fast food places, i think. It's only once every couple of years.....

              1. re: rikk

                I totally understand this post -no Harvey's doesn't make THE BEST burger but still, that's not what the OP is looking here are my humble suggestions:
                Big orange for a julep
                Snowdon Deli for smoked meat, soup and old people watching
                Fressers down the street on Decarie for other assorted (take out) fare, schnitzel, danishes,
                Chalet BBQ for chicken

                1. re: Arktik

                  Yup. OJ for the drink (twice!)
                  Snowdon Deli - closes early - I missed it tonight on the way home from the hospital - it'll have to be tomorrow
                  Yangtze for a won ton soup, egg roll, accompanied by a souvlaki from elsewhere
                  Fressers - hmmm forgot about that one... I'm still here for two days.
                  And then I think I'm just about done. my stomach will revolt, but it feels so nice.....

                2. re: rikk

                  I don't knock Harvey's - when your'e working on a per diem, it's one of the fastest and least-expensive ways to get a "salad".

                  There's one more or less across from the OJ on Décarie.

                3. re: kpaxonite

                  I can't believe my post was deleted?!! I wanted to say as others have, Harvey's of course I understand. Kpaxonite, have a little understanding for the OP. When my dad was in hospital in Regina, Sask., all I wanted was to go to the A & W spot where he used to take me as a little one. Sadly, my dad past away. A & W will always have special meaning for me.

              2. For nostalgia its gotta be Snowdon Deli nothing has changed there in 30 years.Same staff..same food..same clients!

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                1. re: finefoodie55

                  Blanche neige for the cheapest breakfasts and dinners in town-across the street from the JGH.


                  We like to go to the Big Orange just because it is so Kitsch, the orange julep is ok although rather oversweet-they also have spiffy car nights to add to the nostalgia

                2. Ignore all other posts (Dunns Arbies... yeccch!!!!) and go to Snowdon Deli for timewarp nostalgia.

                  And to whoever dissed OJ... they have kickass fries and the drinks are reason enough for any MTL expats returning to the city. Whenever family returns to Montreal in similar situations, it's always Scwartzs first, Chalet BBQ, OJ, maybe a trip to Decarie Hot Dog for lunch, Snowdon Deli, Marvens, etc.

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                  1. re: OliverB

                    yup. I remember decarie hot dog!
                    ok, I got all the junk food cravings out of my system.
                    for this trip, at least.
                    hmmm... what for dinner tonight? Something that's takeout, easy, and comforting, but good.
                    a rhetorical question really.....

                    1. re: rikk

                      If you want to eat quickly and stay near the JGH, there's always Pho Lien. I'm more curious as to your impressions if you go since they've been erratic in the past year or so.

                      You can get to Decarie Hot Dog and back to the JGH in under 45 minutes; you'll need to wash your hands though (it'll be oily).

                      Decarie Hot Dog
                      953 Boul Decarie, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L3M3, CA

                      1. re: rikk

                        How about greek - grilled chicken platter from Parthenon on Cote des neiges. Its just a bit north of the hospital but I can't recall what cross street. Its good and you can always opt for salad to increase the healthy factor.