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Sep 5, 2011 01:26 PM

Buying Items for a Picnic Lunch in Florence

My wife and I take a late-morning train from Florence to Rome during an upcoming trip to Italy. I thought that earlier that morning I'd pick up pannini, fruit, water, etc., for an onboard picnic, with 'ino being the spot I'd chosen to make these purchases. I've just discovered, however, that 'ino doesn't open until 11:00am each morning, too late for our purposes. I'd appreciate any suggestions as to where else we might find quality picnic items in Florence near our hotel (at the River Arno end of Via Tornabuoni). With thanks, John.

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  1. I believe the Central Market (Mercato Centrale) in Florence is relatively close to the train station. I am sure you could pick up all your "picnic lunch" items there.

    piazza 6 Dicembre 9, Enna, Sicilia 94100, IT

    1. I Due Fratellini reportedly opens at 8 am. It's on Via dei Cimatori.

      1. I agree that Mercato Centrale is the first choice. My second choice is Pegna (Via dello Studio, 26r); it opens at 9:00, is more compact than MC and is a little closer to your hotel.