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Sep 5, 2011 01:14 PM

K/W Fresh Co and /Sobeys

Looking for a better grocery store with some unique veggies and fruits, more imported (European) goods and some unique meat/fish offereings.. Was at the Sobey's Ira Needles in Kitchener and was very good.. Someone told me about this "Fresh Co"; is it decent?
Any other store better?

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  1. FreshCo is probably not at all what you're looking for. It's a discount grocer in line with Price Chopper and No Frills. I find the one near me quite clean for a discount grocer and to have excellent prices, but the selections of upscale products are very limited.

    1. Vincenzo's has a small produce section, nice quality, but not a huge selection and nothing particularily unique. Meat and fish counters are very nice but pricey...

      Certainly worth checking out if you haven't been.

      740 Belmont Ave W, Kitchener, ON N2M1P2, CA

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        Been; found it OK, no wow factor though.

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          Not sure what you are looking for, but if Vincenzo's doesn't have it you probably won't find it in KW (and certainly not at a discount grocery chain). As a transplanted Hogtowner I believe it is the best KW can offer. Only other suggestion would be the markets (St. Jacobs and KW) or possibly the Asian Supermarket (name?) on King st. (depending on what you're looking for)

          Not a psychic, but I see a road trip in your future :)

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            I was very impressed with the Sobey's so I might stick to that and venture out to the Farmer's Market. Never sure if I should go to St. Jacob's or Kitchener farmer's market.

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          You might try Healthy Haven:

          on Bruce near the expressway and Victoria.

          It always surprised me that KW doesn't have a decent Germanic deli like Denningers or Brandts.

          A bit of nostalgia: Years ago, there was a store called Hyway Market on Weber, next to Hwy 8. (The store is now a Zehrs, IIRC.) The Charcoal Steakhouse used to be on the second floor. The Hyway Market store used to have a fantastic selection of European groceries.

        3. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned the following:

          Central Fresh Market at 760 King St. West, Kitchener near Grand River Hospital;

          It looks dinky from the street but its size surprised me the first time I entered. It's very, very busy with a high turnover and a better selection by far than either of KW's Sobeys. Very reasonable prices too. It's independent but I do believe "Compliments?" or some other private label is available.

          Glogowskis EuroFood, 403 Highland Rd West, Kitchener across from Food Basics;

          This was a big find for me. A Polish Deli that makes and smokes its own meats. A huge selection of in-house sausages. Several different Kielbasas, Csabai, Debreceners, Hurka and others whose names I can't recall. I made fiends there with stuffed bacon - ground meat rolled in smoked bacon and sliced thin. There is a large selection of smoked fish - don't know if that's done in-house or imported. I've sampled all kinds of imported salamis from there and am working my way through the large selection of Central European cheese. If you're looking for real cottage cheese, they carry the full line of Western cheeses. I didn't know Western had such a variety. Service is "wrapped in brpwn paper" and the staff really knows the goods.
          There is a large imported grocery section - with a Polish bias of course. I load up on halvah, chocolates, St. Jacobs sauerkraut and bulk half and full sour dills. This is a large shop with stuff I'm still exploring.

          Finest Sausage & Meat Ltd. 268 Trillium Drive Kitchener;
          This shop is German run. They make and smoke their own too and import specialty meat items. The site above shows an extensive list - about what you would find at Glogowskis, give or take German/Polish preferences.
          When I go south I hit both places. At Finest I can get head cheese in natural casing with paprika - sometimes smoked. They usually have goose liver pate too. Not a wasted trip. Bonus, across the street in this industrial park is a small, very fine German bakery for elevenses.

          Kitchener Farmers Meat Mkt Ltd , 1575 Victoria Street North, Kitchener
          No site. Don't be offput by the name. This is again a largish shop that cuts and cures its own meat. It's either Serb or Croat run - no matter. Here you'll move a bit further east in Europe. It has the most extensive European selection amongst those listed. Burek, sour cabbage heads, another look at different sausages and pre-cooked specialties along with local cheeses and pastries. This is our must stop for Hungarian Paprika (sweet and strong), and hard-to-find European condiments. A large grocery section.

          So, itryalot, try some more and have some fun.

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            WOW! Where have you been all my life? Now I have some great places for next time. T hanks so much.