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Sep 5, 2011 12:50 PM

How to heat a medium-well steak and four pieces of chicken wings in a microwave?

I get 6 oz medium-well leftover steak and four coast chicken wings two days ago, I left them in the fridge then. I want to have it dinner tonight, can I heat them in a microwave? what should I do if so?
How long and what temp do I need to make them good? Can I place them in a plate before putting them into the microwave?

I still got a stove at home, so you can also tell me what to do if you know how to heat them in the stove, thanks a lot

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  1. On second thought, I think thomas has the better idea .....

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    1. re: todao

      thank you very much, do I need to cook them separately or together? I don't have paper things to cover it, can I just put it on a conductive plate or a box used for heating~?

    2. OK, here's the short answer. Don't reheat in the microwave. Use your oven - wrap your food in foil and put it into a cold oven, then set the oven at 325 degrees. Check after 20-25 minutes. The food should be heated through without overcooking. If cooking on the stovetop, follow Todao's advice.

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        Absolutely NO microwave.....In the oven is the way to go.

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          I don't have foil, what should I do to use stove~