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Sep 5, 2011 12:10 PM

Decent lunch spot between CC and Elkins Park?

Is there a decent place for lunch somewhere between CC and Elkins Park? I'm not familiar with the area. Thanks!

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  1. According to my calculations, this means north Broad Street.

    I wish I could suggest Fisher's but they are long gone. So is the Open Hearth. I think Elkins Park will offer you a better choice of fare than can be found between Temple U. and Cheltenham.


    1. Does it have to be between? The drive is only ~30 minutes so you could also eat lunch on either end. Most of the neighborhoods you go through are not good to stop in.

      Some ideas: if you take 5th St you can stop at Tierra Columbiana for Columbian and Puerto Rican food. There are some chicken and pork places around there too. The neighborhood is pretty dodgy so try to stay on 5th St. This is probably close to exactly half way.

      Just before the border from EP there is Under the Oak Cafe, a place a lot of people seem to like.

      Philly's Korea-town is also just before the border. Jong Ka Jib has great soondubu, and Cafe Soho is known for Korean Fried Chicken. The H-Mart, a large Korean supermarket, also has a big nice food court that is a good bet. That's actually just over the border on the EP side--Old York Road & Cheltenham Ave. The Oak Lane Diner is also just before the border on Broad St. Pretty mediocre diner but I haven't been there in years, I doubt it got better but may have gotten worse (now run by Michael's diner people).

      Also if you take 5th St you can stop at Paesano's on Girard Ave by Northern Liberties and pick up sandwiches.

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        BarryG, how would you describe the atmosphere of Tierra Columbiana? And is there any particular dish that you'd recommend? I almost went there for lunch last week with someone from work, but we ended up unable to go at the last minute so put it off til another time. Neither of us have been before, tho', so I was wondering a little.

        1. re: lauracohenromano

          It's pretty casual, and I would imagine moreso at lunch (there is a club upstairs so at night some people are dressed up). It's nice and big inside, not divey or anything.

          Food wise, I've only been a couple times tried a little of a lot of things so can't make a strong rec, everything I've had was good. Get one of the sampler platters for appetizer, the meats were very good.

          If it's your birthday they will get all the servers together and sing some crazy song. It's that kind of place, plus the club-goer element when it gets later.

          1. re: barryg

            O yea the club upstairs is the kind of place that has a metal detector and serious frisk at the door... so consider that if you go on a weekend night past 9 or 10. I've been there around then, the restaurant is chill.

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          I recently tried Jong Ka Jib, and highly recommend it. The soon tofu is good stuff. Your rice comes in a stone pot, with hot water to break up the crust, by default. They bring you eggs to drop in your soup, by default. Heat level 4/5 was hot enough. Pretty legit.

        3. It's a longish way between CC and Elkins Park and depends how you are going. By car? Or train? In East Oak Lane (close to EP) there is Under the Oak, a little cafe with a limited but good menu--check the hours it's not open every day. About halfway is Temple campus--lots of trucks, a few sit-down places, all very casual. Closer to CC is Osteria, which is open for lunch Thurs-Sat. That's about it.

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            Hi. I agree that Under the Oak is lovely, but make sure to call before you go. Over the weekend, we saw a sign on the door saying they are "Closed for Renovations." Don't forget about Tiffin in Elkins Park, and Marco Polo in the same plaza. Also, not too far off route is a brand new place in West Oak Lane that I'd like to try, Green Soul (from the owners of Warmdaddy's).