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Sep 5, 2011 11:00 AM

Water-resistant electronic kitchen scale?


I've tried several different brands of kitchen scales, and while most have the features I want, inevitably, they seem to get water inside, and stop working properly. I realize that if I were more careful, this probably wouldn't happen, but it just seems that in the rush of measuring, cleaning the counter, or cooking, the scale inevitably comes into contact with a shallow layer of water or spilled liquid on the counter. I'm not talking about immersing the scale - I never do that - but I seem to have scales go out on me just from sitting in small liquid spill for a short time.

My favorite scale is the OXO 11 lb., with the detachable front. The features I'm looking for are:
-long automatic shut off time
--easily go back and forth between lbs.(oz.s) and grams.
--smallest increment 5 gms, 1/4 lb.

I've checked past chowhound posts, and while there's lots of info. on scales, none address how water resistant they are. So I thought I'd see if folks had any recommendations on this - or do I just need to be super-careful.

thanks in advance!


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  1. If water seems to be the culprit, you might want to put your scale inside a zip lock baggie. You can see but water can't get in.

      1. I have a couple of Escali Primo digital kitchen scales that I've had for over 5 years. They have sealed buttons and displays. I've spilled liquids and flour dust on them, it just wipes off, no harm done. They are about $25. Max weight 11 lbs, min wt 1 gram. The scale uses 2 AA alkaline batteries, those last over 1 year in normal use.

        Easily switches between lbs, oz and grams, just toggle through them with one of the buttons. Does tare weights.