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Sep 5, 2011 10:10 AM

Becca's Restaurant - Phoenixville

We've eaten at Becca's about 10 times during the past 2 years and have had the tasting menu on at least 4 of our visits. We've always enjoyed our meals there but the tasting menu we had this past Saturday night was the best one yet. The staff is welcoming and accommodating and the kitchen is very willing to accept requests as to what you want on the tasting menu. The tasting consists of two appetizers, a fish course, a meat course, a cheese plate and dessert. Our meal was nicely paced. We had time to enjoy everything and never felt rushed. We requested the butter poached lobster tail as our fish course and the duck breast for our meat course. Both requests were willingly fulfilled. The first appetizer was a pan-seared diver scallop on quinoa. The scallop was perfectly cooked and the quinoa was flavorful and included the bite of cilantro. The next appetizer was Waygu beef slices on field greens with strawberry vinaigrette. The beef was tender and delicious. Next was the lobster tail (half a tail out of the shell) served with a vanilla butter sauce served on a bed of polenta; which was absolutely delicious, the vanilla complements the sweetness of the lobster meat. The duck breast with foie gras was good, but not exceptional. Dinner was followed by a cheese plate (one for each of us) and dessert.

Robert (the chef/owner) tends to be subtle in his seasonings. I believe this is to let the food flavors speak for themselves. His flavors tend to be on the sweeter side (but not overly sweet) and some of our previous meals have seemed like the flavors needed a bit more zip. This was not the case on Saturday; everything was perfectly seasoned with some creative flavor profiles.

Recommended and an exceptional value if you use a restaurant.com coupon, plus Becca’s is BYOB.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Even though I've been to Becca's 2-3 times, I don't think about it when I'm trying to decide where to have a nice dinner out. It was the Restaurant.com offer that got me there the first time, and I went back because I enjoyed it. What stands out in my mind is their delicious vanilla butter poached lobster. I'm making a mental note: "Dinner at Becca's."

    1. This reminds me I bought two gift certs from restaurant. com, we used the first (hoping for a romantic Valentines dinner) and the service was so excruciatingly slow and disinterested that we have had no desire to use the second.

      Sounds like your and Cindy's experiences were much different, guess it was an off night.

      1. We had dinner at Becca's this past Saturday evening as well. I thought the food was wonderful. My boyfriend's parents both had the lobster, boyfriend had the lamb, and I had the paiche sea bass, which was delicious. Appetizers were great as well - the lobster bisque was excellent, and a bit of a treat for this gluten-free eater. I also tried my boyfriend's watermelon gazpacho, and would have gladly eaten the entire bowl had he let me. We'll definitely be going back.

        1. We gave it a try and were unimpressed. The service was good but the food was pedestrian and several entrees featured overcooked fish and undercooked risotto. Appetizers were fine but as a whole this was an overpriced mediocre meal.

          1. This is very interesting to me as Phoenixville is a good mid-way meeting point for a dinner with quarterly dinner friends. Recently we have avoided Phoenixville as we have found our choices not especially to our liking while being overpriced and mediocre. Becca's certainly has a wide range of comments here, suggesting to me inconsistency both in service and food. Some of the entrees mentioned sound very interesting. We will look forward to additional first hand comments from other hounds before investing time and money in another Phoenixville maybe.