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Sep 5, 2011 10:07 AM

"I Could Have Had A V-8!"

What is your most memorable instance in which you ordered what you thought was going to be the best dish in the house, only to find yourself thinking "Man, I could have had ____ instead!" as soon as it reached your table?

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  1. That, for me, doesn't happen too often. I have a few restaurants I love to go to, and I'm pretty solid about what I order, knowing what I like.

    That said, I went to a restaurant once that had a huge menu. Usually, I always order one of their salads, (which they're known for) but I stupidly ordered a shrimp Poor boy. It was aweful. Overbreaded and nasty. I was like, "I could have had a salad." Sigh.

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      Paying attention to the specials board on the way out of the restaurant. Hearing it from the server is not the same for me as reading it.

    2. I don't know the good restaurants in San Diego. We were pushed by a non-chowhounder who thought he was a reat food wizard and had us go to an 'all fried' resto that was on the waterfront. DH and DS went to SD a couple of weeks ago and found good restos. I'm a little bitter about the whole guy trip but I try to keep it to myself. When DH and I went ther we had no idea about the good restaurants. They have to be there, right?