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Grocery Outlet, September 2011


Boxed wine-o-rama

$2.99 - French Rabbit 1 liter 2005 Cabernet Sauvingon or Merlot
$3.99 - Fish Eye 3 liters 2009 Merlot or Pinot Noir
$3.99 - Herding Cats 3 liters chenin blanc/chardonay blend

$1.99 - Brown Cow lemon yogrut
$2.49 - Strauss cinnamon yogrut

10 cents - single serve size of Cheerios
25 cents - singl 100 calorie bag of Orville Redenbacker's smart popcorn
69 cents - Armour franks
78 cents - Planters mixed nuts (bag marked $1.89, nice mix and not too salty)
09 cents - Philly individual serving cream cheese (4) plain or chive

Pinole always seems to carry the largest selection of boxed wine. There were more. They still have the Foxhorn and dreadful Block Party. There's Vella and another big boxed while like it. There other white Fish Eye, but I have had more undrinkable boxed whites so It is rare I;ll by it.

I bought the herding cats for the dumbest reason ... that was always used has an expression about what it was like to deal with Chowhounds ... so I thought it was funny. It is from South Africa, the Western Cape. The box says the winery wins lots of medals but who knows who awarded them and for what.

That Straus cinnamon yogurt is wonderful. I think I want to pair it with some sort of baked apple dessert.

That is really a great price for he single-serve Philly. Even on sale it is more than twice the price.

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  1. Berkeley

    3 for $1 More of the Lucerne Greek strawberry yogurt - with today as the pull date

    .99 Small boxes of Lorna Doones

    Strauss Blueberry Pomegranate yogurt. Warning on the Cinammon: it overpowered the blackberries from my backyard.

    1.49 Amy's Black Bean and Mushroom soups

    1.99 Cabot habanero cheddar - very hot and an odd, dry texture. Cabot is OK at the Cheeseboard

    2.49 12 packs of Shasta sodas. Hope the draft root beer is comparable to Faygo

    1. What size is the Straus cinnamon yogurt?

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      1. re: srr

        32 ounces

        Sorry if it was too strong for you chocolatetartguy. For me it seemed mild. Maybe the reason it's ag GO? Inconsistancy? My concern when I bought it was that it might be too strong, like some cinnamon flavored foods. I'm using it on oatmeal with fresh raspberries ... but than again, I allso add more cinnamon to the oatmeal, so I might have a higher tolerance,

        1. re: rworange

          I love cinnamon, but usually eat only plain yogurt with fresh fruit so that might be why it seemed too flavorful. Yes, I can see how it might be good on oatmeal. After 3 tries with blackberries, it is just sitting in my frig. Also, I'm not really a yogurt person. For me it is just protein and a vehicle for the fruit.

      2. Pinole and San Pablo

        $19.99 - Scharffen Berger natural cocoa for baking 4.4 pounds

        San Pablo

        25 cents - Stoneyfield soy blueberry yogurt
        50 cents - Liberte peach passonfruit yogert
        99 cents - Kraft horseradish (nothing unatural in it ... just salt and vinegar)
        99 cents - So Delicious coconut milk 1/2 gallon (sell by 9/4)
        $1.29 - Fleishman's olive oil and sea salt margerine
        $2.99 - various sea salts 7.7 ounces (Hawaiian pink, French grey, etc)
        $2.99 - Vita wild caught nova salmon (selling for $5.99 at Safeway)
        $2.99 - Vita herring is sour cream 12 oxz (selling for $4.99 on sale ast Safeway)
        $3.29 - Creta Farms hot dogs with olive oil
        $4.99 - Tasters Choice decaf coffee (large jar)

        I haven't tried the margarine, but I'm tempted. Ditto on the hot dogs, but there were lots of packages and I'm guessing in San Pablo this isn't going to be a big seller. I might wait till they get near the sell by date and buy them if the price reduces.

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        1. re: rworange

          The SO Delicious is down to 50 cents for a half gallon at San Pablo ... sell by date 9/4 ... which means is should be good for a few more days at home.

          I've been wanting to try this ... I'[m considering going vegan ... so I figured even if it was lousy, I wasn't losing much.

          It still tastes very fresh. It is a lot thinner than regular non fat milk. I got the unsweetened version. I don't know if I'd buy it at full price, but at 50 cents a half gallon, sure.

          A note to anyone shopping at Pinole. Their registers are wonky. They double billed me on an item on my last trip. Today I bought three 5.5 ounce cans of V-8 juice and 2.1 ounces of pre-cooked bacon and the receipt said I saved $14.32. The manager who was reluctant to return the money on my double-billed item, didn't seem to care when I pointed out the improbability of that savings.

          1. re: rworange

            The So Delicious is great for baking - you can replace 1 for 1 in recipes calling for cow's milk. Canned coconut milk is a good substitute for cream. You can use together to make ice cream, etc.

        2. Has anybody seen the 2 kilo pack of Scharffen Berger natural cocoa in the Bay Area? It was $19.99 in Marina a few days ago.

          Scharffen Berger
          1 Ferry, Building San Francisco, CA

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          1. re: TerriL

            Bought it at the Oakland GO yesterday. BB date of mid November, so I'll be making LOTS of brownies.

            1. re: TerriL

              Yep, reported that above but used the American weight 4.4 lbs. San Pablo and Pinole have it.

            2. Here are some boxed wine reviews in case these pop at GO:


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              1. Petaluma still has Dagoba lemon ginger bars, $1.49 and Scharffenberger milk chocolate salted almond bars, $1.99.

                Also saw Wegman's garlic herb breadsticks, $1.29 in the fresh refrigerator case mixed in with biscuits. No idea if they're any good. Sierra Nevada "Caprae" aged goat cheddar is $7.99/lb.

                And I've seen Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce for $1.49 at a couple locations. I needed to buy a new bottle recently and was shocked to discover that the price at Chinese supers was approaching $4 now.

                1. Oakland.. Great aged Goat Cheddar 7.99 pound.
                  Large Hummus .. they smooth Sabra Knockoff.. cheap. I think 2.99
                  Great Italian pastas 99 cents.

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                  1. re: jason carey

                    a few days ago Oakland GO was carrying about 6 different brands of hummus (Nasoya high protein with soy, Athenos 7 oz. for $1.49, Sabra, a probiotic brand and a few others). Picked up a couple cartons of the Athenos black olive flavor. Also Cache Valley Creamy Yogurt Dip w/probiotics, Ranch flavor, 8 oz. for 79 cents, may have been bumping up against its 'best by' date. I liked both of these lower-fat dips.

                    1. re: jason carey

                      oh and 3.99 for 1 lb good Italian expresso in can (ground but good for ground)
                      and Faiveley Mercury white and red single sites 2004 6.99.. the red is NOT for lovers of California wine.. it is high in acidity .. needs air and maybe more time.. not too much fruit..so if you love fruit.. don't.
                      The white is again low in fruit, high in Minerality .. almost Chablis like.. however beware some bottles could be Premoxed.. as there have been many problems with white Burgs of this era.. however, for 6.99 its worth the risk the one I bought was perfect, but read about some other peps who got some bad bottles.

                      1. re: jason carey

                        San Pablo

                        25 cents - David sunflower seets .9 oz

                        50 cents - Whole Soy & CO organic plain yogurt 24 oz (sell by sept 8...it is still fine)

                        50 cents - Philly cream cheese 8 oz (actually neufchatel 1/3 less fat cheese)

                        50 cents - Honey Nut Scooter cereal from Malt o Meal (they look like cheerios) regular box

                        50 cents - Knudson cottage cheese 8 oz (sell by sept 17)

                        99 cents - Knudson free cottage cheese 16 oz (sell by sept 16)

                        1.00 - yves ground soy 12 oz in freezer section

                        1.99 - Agra Blood Orange soda

                        3.49 - Cliff bars various flavors 12 bar box

                        I keep forgeting to mention that Agra soda. It tastes good and has good ingredients ... real fruit juice, cane sugar. They sometimes have pomegranate or lemon, but haven't tried those yet.

                        San Pablo has been moving in some boxed wines. I finally tried the herding Cats chenin blanc/chardonnay. It was a little flat tasting. Good enough for white wine spritzers but I wouldn't buy again. A good basic table wine has been the carafe of Paul Mason chardonnay ($1.99)

                        Other boxed wines at the store were Fish Eyes ($3.99) and Almaden ($5.99). I always forget the horrible spigot on Almaden. I've lost more wine than drank it.

                        There were also bottles of Sterling Vinteners Reserve Sauvignon Blanc for $3.99. Seemed like a good price for Sterling.

                        One thing San Pablo gets credito for is the best markdowns of most Grocery Outlets. Once it meets or exceeds that sell by date, the prices go down to 50 cents.

                        1. re: jason carey

                          I bought 2 Faively blancs, and one was good and one was Premoxed. I was at the Redwood City GO about 10 days ago, and they had a sign that said Rouge, but I could only find the white.

                          1. re: maxmanx

                            Oakland and San Pablo have the red.. as I said the white is delicious if not oxidized.. worth the gamble to me for an older bottle of burgundy..

                            1. re: jason carey

                              Save your receipt . . . if you're opening a bottle and find it oxidized within the return period, I've had no trouble taking and opened bottle of wine back and getting a refund.

                              1. re: Melanie Wong

                                yes.. and that Mercurey Blanc is worth the risk.

                      2. Philippine Brand pineapple juice 2/$1

                        1. Hawaiian Sausage Company Portuguese sausage, 5 oz., 2/$1.00 at the Berkeley store.

                          Interestingly the same item was .79ยข ea in Oakland. I've noticed this on a few items between Berkeley and Oakland.

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                          1. re: ML8000

                            Yes, there are certain products that will have different pirces at each store. As I said above, or think I said, San Pablo is the best for mark downs

                            33 cents - Edy's Apple pie ice cream single serve - 5.8 oz 190 calories

                            $1.29 - Knudson 100 calorie strawberrie shortcake cottage cheese (four 4 oz single servings)

                            I'm ready for autumn food, so despite the fact I dislike Edy's/Dreyers and knew it had HFCS, I Fall-ed for it. Yeah, it reminded me why I don't like that brand. Still, if you like that brand, it has a good apple flavor and little pieces of pie crust.

                            Also, Edy's is doing that dishonest-to-me thing a lot of companies have been doing recently. Putting 'sugar' at the top of the ingredient list, and further down HFCS. I used to just read the top of ingredient lists for HFCS, now I'm finding I have to read the whole list to make sure they are not mixing it in.

                            I can see why the strawberry shortcake Knudson cottage cheese when to an outlet store. It is one of the single worst things I have ever had in my life. It is visually gross ...curds of cheese floating in too much of a whey/milk mixture that is greyish pink. I read the label multiple times and despite there being NOTHING artifical ... strawberries, sugar, etc ... it has the fake strawberry taste of Nestle Quik ... but not as good. It smells like fake strawberries. An no ... it was not cottage cheese gone bad ... I took a tentative taste to make sure ... it was bad like that from the beginning.

                            Lots of yogurt deals at San Pablo. I almost went for the single-serve 4 pack of Yoplait fiber one at 50 cents ... then I read the ingredient list and put it back.

                            1. re: rworange

                              Oakland had Dannon Oikos 2/$1 in two flavors (key lime and raspberry). Really creamy and delicious, even if it did have more ingredients in it than I would have liked.

                              There's nothing dishonest about the labeling practices you described. "Sugar" and "HFCS" are different ingredients (obviously, since you are fine with one and not fine with the other). Ingredients are listed by weight, so if there's more sugar than HFCS, that's how they're listed. Lots of processed foods contain more than one kind of an ingredient like a sweetener, thickener or preservative. Now, I suppose it could be considered dishonest if you think they are using sugar for the sole purpose of tricking you into buying a product that also has HFCS, but unless it's promoting itself as being "sweetened with real sugar" then I think it's a stretch to claim they're being dishonest (the way a lot of products with "honey" are when you read the label and find out there's mostly sugar/HFCS and just a little bit of honey or even honey flavoring).

                              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                So what would be the reason for doing this? It's more of a General Board topic, I guess .. .so here it is

                                Being aware of sugar-coating HFCS

                              2. re: rworange

                                Question about the Lucerne "Greek" yogurt, you recommended in the past. Is it Greek or not? I usually buy Voskos, but am enjoying the Lucerne Honey flavor.

                                1. re: chocolatetartguy

                                  Hmmm ... i don't really know ... somewhere between Greek-style and French-style, I guess. It has that creaminess of French, but is thicker.

                                  Just as an additional clarification (especially because of Ruth's comment above), it's not honey in Lucerne, but a 'honey base' (water, sugar, honey). It kind of cracks me up that they bother to use organic corn starch when nothing else is organic in there. I just feel so bad for liking ths so much because it has so much stuff I don't usually want to see in yogurt.

                                  GO in San Pablo had the honey today ... and vanilla, plain and strawberry. The vanilla has a vanilla base ... but at least they use vanilla, not vannilin. It is just so difficult to find in expensive yogurt that uses real sugar at a reasonabe price. I've actually paid full price for this at Safeway when I couldn't get it at GO.

                                2. re: rworange

                                  I was trying to determine whether a certain juice drink (from GO) contained added sugar. Here's the ingredient list. NOTE: The line breaks are the same as on the label, although the label has both left and right margin alignment. The whole list occupies a space 1 1/8 inch wide by 1 1/4 inch tall. (I need to wear different glasses for reading up close, which I didn't have that day).

                                  INGREDIENTS: FILTERED WATER, APPLE
                                  AND GRAPE JUICES FROM CONCENTRATE
                                  (FILTERED WATER, APPLE AND GRAPE
                                  JUICE CONCENTRATES), CONCORD GRAPE
                                  JUICE, SUGAR, CRANBERRY JUICE FROM
                                  CONCENTRATE (FILTERED WATER,
                                  (CRANBERRY JUICE CONCENTRATE),
                                  CALCIUM GLUCONATE, CITRIC ACID (FOR
                                  TARTNESS), NATURAL FLAVOR, CALCIUM
                                  LACTATE, ASCORBIC ACID (VITAMIN C).
                                  MALTODEXTRIN, VITAMIN D3

                                  I missed the added sugar (in line 5 among the 12 lines). The item is really really sweet, something I was trying to avoid, but missed because of how the sugar got "buried" in the ingredients list.

                                  1. re: dump123456789

                                    If you're trying to avoid things that are really sweet, then be aware that apple juice concentrate and grape juice concentrate are often used as "natural" sweeteners. No need to add sugar when those lead the list.

                                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                                      I saw those concentrates, but since they were listed under "juice from concentrate", and were mixed with filtered water in their sublisting, I figured they'd be diluted to a more natural level of sweetness.

                                      At any rate, I should thank you, rworange and the producers of these juice products, since, between your information and their gaming, I'll stop buying bottled juice products completely, and just stick to mixing juice and sparkling water or tea myself.

                                  2. re: rworange

                                    FYI, RW, regarding "natural" strawberry flavoring:

                                    I noticed the following while reading an old New Yorker article "The Taste Makers" November 23, 2009. Must be a NY subscriber to access NY archives, bu I found the article on this website:


                                    regarding Michelle Hagen, a flavorist who works for "...a Swiss company called Givaudan, the largest manufacturer of flavors and fragrances in the world"

                                    Raffi Khatchadourian, the author, says, "She pulled down a bottle labelled "2-OCTEN-4-ONE" -- a recently "discovered" compound in strawberry. Less than a decade ago, the molecule was considered artificial, but it was chased down in the natural world, and its status changed. It is now natural."

                                  3. re: ML8000

                                    Is the sausage in links or chubs? Is it linguisa?

                                    1. re: chocolatetartguy

                                      One Link. Just says Portugese sausage. Only mild left, even though they had a tag for Hot