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Sep 5, 2011 07:46 AM

suggestions for restaurants serving interesting game dishes in London?

Do you know of any restaurants in London that are serving a variety of interesting game dishes this autumn? (I already know about Rules and the Harwood Arms and have been there several times. I am interested in trying other restaurants serving game.) Thanks!

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  1. Are you familiar with Wilton's on Jermyn Street in London? Very old-school and expensive, but they do serve game birds in the fall.

    1. Saw grouse on the menu at The Medlar recently. Remembered a wonderful duo of grouse pie and roast partridge at Trinity as part of a multi-course tasting menu. Have also seen grouse and pigeon at Hereford Road.

      Pigeon soup in bamboo cups is a Hunanese dish, and I think it might be worth looking for at Golden Day or Bar Shan, as well as Hunan in Sloane Square.

      Momo had a good wood pigeon bastilla.

      Not a restaurant, but La Tua Pasta in Borough Market has a good wild boar tortelli.

      Hereford Road
      3 Hereford Road, London W2 4AB, GB

      1. Haven't been, but Corrigan's Mayfair has a good reputation for game.

        1. Rules Restaurant (35 Maiden Lane near Covent Garden) is all about game and as venerable an eatery as can be found in London. It lays claim to being London's oldest restaurant (founded in 1798) and has its own game preserve way up in County Durham. Be careful when you eat because you wouldn't want to chip a tooth on an errant piece of shot ;-)