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Sep 5, 2011 04:24 AM

What to order at Likafo

I have been living in Paris for over 4 years and have not found any real tasty Chinese food. But based on the discussions here about Likafo, I went and gave it a try over the weekend. It was actually really good. I had the hot & sour soup which was actually spiced with white pepper instead of chili peppers or chili oil. That was a really nice suprise. Then I had a pot of braised tofu with mixed meats. Pretty good as well. I saw another table with stuffed peppers or aubergines that looked good.

I know plenty of people have said the wonton soup is pretty good. Which is fine but I would like to know what are some other dishes that may be tasty. I was tempted to order the salt & pepper calamar or shrimp as well. What are some good veg dishes?

Any suggestions would really be appreciated. If you can give me the French translation of the name too that would be good.

Many Thanks,

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  1. Nearly everything I've tried at Likafo was good. I actually don't remember being served anything bad. Some dishes may have been weaker than others but I've been going there for such a long time, I have forgotten the details.

    Good veg dishes : any stir-fried vegetables are good, try the garlic shoots if they have them. You can also have the stir-fried scallops with garlic shoots and pine nuts.
    They do have Chaozhou oyster omelet but you should request it, it is not on the menu.
    Whole steamed turbot is quite good.
    Poulet sauté à la sauce de soja is crunchy and delicious.
    Canard sauté aux épices (actually fried Canton roast duck with plum sauce on the side) is outrageously decadent, basically it's fried fat. And it's good.
    Stuffed doufu and their versions of ma po doufu are good.
    The wonton soup is, of course, excellent.
    The steamed free-range chicken with ginger sauce is a classic.
    There is also a dish of steamed doufu with salted fish which is rather incredible (don't eat the fish).
    It is worth ordering oolong tea with your meal, they will give you Anxi tieguanyin tea and I don't know where they get it because it's quite good.
    I remember a nice claypot of chicken with chestnuts.
    And there's a pretty amazing, typically South Chinese clear soup of seafood, seaweed and doufu.
    And delicious stir-fried rice noodles with beef!

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      Thank you so much for all your good suggestions! I was scared to just order things from the menu because it's so large and I know sometimes, not everything is good. But I will surely, try the doufu dishes that you mentioned and be more open when I am there next time.

      Also have you tried the BBQ-ed meats? Is it only fresh in the morning? We tried it at a different place for dinner and it completely dried out. My parents at home usually only order the BBQ stuff in the morning.

    2. Concur with Ptipois that the steamed fish is one of the better in the city. We ordered a turbot the last time and it was fresh and moist.
      We like the tofu vapeur et fruits de mer, where they use a home made silken egg tofu. Also enjoy the marmites de boeuf and agneau. All three dishes are on the specialities page.
      Don't remember them serving alot of pure veg dishes, a lot of it is mixed in a tofu casserole etc. Simply stir fries are fine though you might have to tell them to lessen up on the oil and salt. I do like my veggies fried with nam yu (fermented bean curd) for a slightly spicy, pungent plate of vegs and they have it.

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        Nam Yu is the "Chinese cheese" that I once gave you a jar of.

        1. re: Parigi

          Chinese cheese! Perhaps that's one method I can use to convince my in-laws to try cheese while they're here. Try some époisse! Its just like nam yu =)

          1. re: xigua

            I love nam yu. I can eat it with plain white rice.