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Sep 5, 2011 03:26 AM

Le Cinq open for lunch on Sundays?

Quick question:

Is Le Cinq open for lunch on Sundays and do they offer their "bargain " set menu lunch?

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    1. re: Parigi

      Actually, it's yes and yes. Lunch deal is every day.

      1. re: souphie

        Is the set menu lunch the "bargain " set menu lunch? I had not understood from the wording. You must be right.

    2. Parigi,,

      Thanks for the reply.

      Since the Four Seasons website doesn't list prices do you know the current pricing they would be offering for a tasting menu at lunch on Sundays without wine?

      My research only brings up pricing from 2009. Do they offer two tasting menus on Sundays?

      Thanks in advance for your help

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      1. re: tatuaje68

        I just made a reservation for Sunday lunch, and they emailed me the summer menu and it includes the 85 euro set menu lunch (the email confirmed that they offer the lunch menu everyday)

      2. I had lunch there on Sunday. The menu was available. The experience was not worth the money. Maybe Sunday is an "off" day. The amuses were terrific. The main course of rabbit was badly conceived and badly prepared. I left most of it on the plate. They noticed and asked me about it, but that was all. The main course of cabillaud was good - carefully prepared - but not exceptional. In contrast, a Monday lunch today at Pierre Gagnaire was superb. They have a 110 euro menu, a 265 euro menu, and they tell you about an 88 euro menu.

        1. Lefan

          Thank you so much. That is great news


          Hmm... That is the first negative report of Le Cinq I have read. Every other report has been pretty much stellar. It's certainly gives me something to think about. I'll be eating at Pierre Gagnaire the following Tuesday.

          Have you ever been to Le Meurice? I would be interested in a comparison from you or anyone else who has been to both. I think Le Meurice is closed on Sundays but I could switch things around

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          1. re: tatuaje68

            I was very surprised by how ordinary Le Cinq was, given the glowing reports. It could have been an anomalous experience, or a Sunday experience. It had very much a hotel atmosphere and was maybe half full. Location in a hotel isn't by itself a deal-breaker for me. When Piege was the chef at Les Ambassadeurs I had an exceptional lunch in what were very much hotel surroundings. Sunday just may've been the wrong day to come. I chose it because not many places are open on Sunday. At Le Cinq I had the feeling that people were eating there because it was open on Sunday. So the whole atmosphere was probably very much different from what it would be like during the week. On the other hand, if they're open, they should still be using the A team.

            I've posted a review of Pierre Gagnaire.

            1. re: wea74


              Am considering having the lunch at Le Cinq on a Sunday as well but your experience has put me off.

              I'll pretty much be doing the bistros otherwise (Chez l'Ami Jean, Regalade St. Honore & Chez Denise). My other option for lunch on a different day is Ledoyen. I decided on them based on Souphie's comments on this board which I have been following.

              1. re: mikey8811

                I had lunch at Ledoyen 2 weeks ago, picking from the lunch menu and was quite satisfied. The 88E menu includes generously, 4 courses and a whole lot of amuse bouches and mignardises, all well executed, though not terribly exciting. Service was friendly and excellent. Only main minus point was the overly-long pauses between dishes. 3 hours for lunch is a little long when its not a tasting menu. You should be quite happy with that choice!
                More details on my blog: