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Sep 5, 2011 03:15 AM

Sydney Lower North Shore suggestions

Hi All

Need to arrange a mid-week dinner. Mid-range price. Quiet atmosphere. Lower north shore... near public transport. Thinking St Leonards, Crows Nest, North Sydney, Milson's Point.

Would appreciate your suggestions

D ;

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  1. Mid price and lower north shore is a bit.of.a niche because its awash with money. Look at Japanese in crows nest for

    1. Not much in the way of quiet near Milson's Point. It's mainly cramped Thai restaurants. Bungalow Thai is less cramped, though. Best bets might be Ricky's (cafe), Garfish (seafood) or Ainoya (Japanese - grab a hori-gotatsu seat).

      Also, the new Italian place (La Capannina) isn't bad, and great views of the harbour if you get the right seat. The Deck has good views too, and is quiet most days of the week (but stay away from Ripples -- terrible). Milson's might prove a bit too quiet for your liking mid-week. Delicado foods (tapas) on Blues Point is nice, but might be a bit of a hike for people coming off public transport (?)

      I like Crow's Nest. Sakana-ya is probably my favourite Japanese place around (their simmered fish is great). I also like Mihana (for their simmered dishes like oden and chikuzen-ni). Ju-Rin is great, but may be too busy for your liking. If you don't get a bus to Crow's Nest, you can walk from St Leonards.

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        Hey Anarcist
        Thanks so much for taking the time to share your leads - feel like I have some options now.
        Also looking forward to checking out La Capannina
        Much appreciated