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Filet Mignon Sandwich at Jeremy in Keego Harbor, MI [DTW]

Dear sweet merciful heavens...today, I may have eaten the best sandwich I can recollect. I honestly cannot think of any that I've enjoyed more, for at least several years. This sandwich is absolutely, positively solid "A/A+" territory. I really don't have any complaints about it, but if there *must* be a caveat, then fine: some of the juices spilled onto my hands and I was a bit embarrassed about licking them clean. Didn't stop me, of course...

A couple of things to know right up front:

1. This sandwich is not on the regular menu at all, *nor can it be ordered* at a dining room table. This sandwich is only on the bar menu, and is available exclusively there. From what I understand, there are no exceptions.

2. It's $10, and doesn't come with any "sides" but the standard crackers and hummus that they serve to everyone (which I rather like, BTW). There is no discount on the food during Happy Hour so far as I know, and any BOGO coupons wouldn't apply to it.

Here's the description from the bar menu itself: "Toasted Sourdough with
Onion Marmalade and Zap Sauce $10". This is a *ridiculously* modest description. It also comes with lettuce and tomato, and every ingredient on the one I had was *perfect*. Aesthetically speaking, the sandwich was gorgeous, and it only got better.

The filet itself was a gorgeous deep pink/reddish color, and the color of the grilled sourdough was picturesque...a perfect golden brown. Crispy and buttery...in fact, the whole sandwich, stem to stern, practically *screams* that it's a heart-unhealthy thing, but that if you're going to die, you might as well die happy!

It's one of those moments where you'll never forget your first bite of a fantastic thing. It's an orgy of sweet, salt, and savory flavors just mixing together and pulling off a Command Performance. Every bite, first to last, was a treasure. Their onion marmalade, in conjuntion with their superior ability to prepare beef, is just masterful. The whole thing is art. Art that should be eaten. NOW.

I was there on Sunday, of course, and Sunday's the day that they really celebrate/push their hamburger (the "J Burger"), which is $13, and comes with fries. I've had it, and it's really good, but I can't fathom ordering it when the filet mignon sandwich is only $10. Comparitively speaking, while the burger might be (well, *is*) pricey, they're practically *giving this sandwich away*, considering the quality and taste of the whole thing.

So, um, yeah. I was out the door for $13 (Fred the bartender did a very good job, and when I asked if he'd had the sandwich before I ordered it, his two-word response was an emphatic "Love it!"), and while I might normally chafe at the price, I must say that it's *completely* worth it, especially considering that the crackers and hummus are gratis.

Next time, I'm getting the *exact same thing*, and maybe a nice cocktail. We'll see. They've certainly earned my money *again*, and I'm still amazed at Jeremy's prowess in the kitchen. To think that they've elevated the humble sandwich to this level...what a revelation.

Get there, and get that sandwich. You'll be just so, so happy that you did.

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  1. I've driven by that place so many times and always considered a stop in. This might be the convincing to do so. When the Boagman speaks gloriously like this about sandwiches, you know it has to be great.

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    1. re: GrueLurks

      GL, give me a ring when you want to go. I'll join you.

    2. I've not driven by it...because it would be a special trip for me. Now, I'm starting to think that it just may be worth that trip! (and, I'm not even a filet mignon kind of guy...I usually like a strip or prime rib)

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        Anytime, VTB. Anytime but Monday, anyway, since they're closed Mondays. It's worth the trip. Let me know when you want to go.

      2. Just FYI: I stopped by and had it again tonight, after thinking about it since Sunday night.

        My opinion is unchanged. Next time, I'm going during Happy Hour (5-7PM), and having a $5 Grapefruit Passion with it. It's amazing.

        1. > Get there, and get that sandwich. You'll be just so, so happy that you did.

          This week, I'm single. Not, single-single. Just a single diner. It was dinner time,
          I'm a klutz in a kitchen. I was hungry. You posted your damn review.

          I am conflicted. You posted several positive reviews about a place that simply
          doesn't ring my bell. The food has never been 'Wow." One visit was quite, "bleech."
          The dining room is a tad over-stuffed with tables & chairs. I *hate* their valet-only
          schtik on weekends. But enough of me re-hashing olde objections.

          Their FMS was delightful. Your description nailed it. Perfectly. I decided to order a
          cup of chili as an appetizer. It was good, not great, but I will order it again. I also
          ordered the girly drink that you mentioned.. It was delightful. The service was delightful.
          The show was delightful. I am stunned that you failed to mention the "show."

          Is it every night? It seemed to be improv. Is it? Whaddyamean, what show???

          Moments after I arrived, a pair of 30-something (40-something?) cougars sat down at the bar.
          My earbuds made me invisible to them. Or, perhaps it is the fact that I'm 55. Or wearing a
          wedding ring. Or wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Or ... oh, NEVERMIND! I'll admit that I was a voyeur

          Their tuna appetizer looked delicious, but I wasn't about to engage them directly. So, I
          asked the bartender/waitress, "what did they order? It looks delicious." All three answered
          simultaneously, "the tuna appetizer." So, I wasn't quite as invisible as I first surmised. But
          they were wrong about the earbuds.

          They certainly raved about the tuna. But it was just an appetizer. The long-haired one was
          awaiting the arrival of her entree: 52 year-old, Bloomfield Hills Dentist. The guy doesn't stand
          a chance. She already has his credit report, property records, criminal history check, educ
          background, legal history ... and the fact that he's not (yet) divorced.

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          1. re: rainsux

            Ah, "The Show". Yes, it can be quite common, though not universally true. When I was there Tuesday night, I was quite literally the only customer in the joint, dining room or bar area, so I didn't have "The Show" on Tuesday night. There was a bit of it on Sunday, though...I guess that bar is pretty "social". Or something. ;)

            Glad you liked the FMS...I'm just over-the-moon about it. And that Grapefruit Passion is, indeed, a girly drink (really, that's about the only kind of alcohol I'll imbibe), but a Girly Drink Supreme! I was quite impressed the first time I had one, and I'll definitely get one next time.

            You had the chili as a warmup, I had the green beans as a side (it was between that and the zucchini), and I liked them quite well. Not stratospherically so, but they were certainly good, well-prepared, and added another taste and texture to go along with the sandwich. I would get them again, but it's not a must-have or anything like that. I liked the garlic that they were prepared with, too. There are, of course, other things that could be ordered just as easily, though obviously chili wouldn't be my cup of tea.

            Anyway, RS, glad you enjoyed the FMS. That thing just has me wrapped around its little finger, it does. And oh yes: you're right about the dining room. It's just cramped in there with all the tables in the middle, and that birthday party at the adjacent table's drunken party girl *does* tend to grate on you after a while when you're in such close proximity. And I *never* valet...I hate the very *idea* of it. It's...it's just awful.

            1. re: boagman

              > a Girly Drink Supreme!

              Only real-men are comfortable enough in their masculinity to order/drink GDS's.
              Or; <oh my gawd>

              BTW; after listening to them dish the details they'd discovered about Dr. <Blank>
              on the various internet background-checking sites ... on my way out the door, I
              *almost* introduced myself as Dr. <Blank>. Frankly; I thought it would've been
              hilarious, but I refrained. Ought naught interfere with matters of the heart and

              The Truth: The tuna appetizer looked, well, appetizing. I want it ... and I did not
              want to do anything that might result in my banishment.

          2. Loved your review... I am also a fan of Jeremy. Please try the seared diver scallops when they have them. The most perfectly prepared scallops I have ever had. This has been my two cents...

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            1. re: Quit2Chef

              Hmm. I'm sure that they do them well, but the allure of scallops honestly escapes me. The only place I've ever really enjoyed them was at a restaurant in Vancouver called either "C's" or "Seas"...I can't remember which. It was their signature dish at the time, and rightly so, worthy of the designation. Not before, and never since have scallops made me stand up and take notice...and they're a rather expensive gamble, frankly.

              Thanks for suggesting them, though!

              1. re: boagman

                I'm heading there now if anyone wants to join me for a bite. Should be there in about 30 minutes. Maybe I'll see you there!

            2. This is great ... Chowhound at its best. Something you'd get to know about only from people who know a certain area well. Next time I'm in the lakes area, I'm there.

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              1. re: Jim M

                Many thanks, Sir Boagman. Went to Jeremy tonight and enjoyed it. I’d have called you, but it was a last minute decision, not to mention late…and, I had a kindergartener with me.

                When I get home from work, I usually have a high ABV brew on an empty stomach, and this clouds my judgment…mostly in a good way. By the time the kid and I got to Jeremy, the filet sandwich was no longer on offer due to my lost sense of deadlines. :-( So, my kid ordered the mushroom risotto and I ordered the perch dinner.

                Let me back-track… I’ll remind you that I really like this place. Very charming inside. I don’t like the forced valet parking, but at least the valet was genuinely cool. Great service. Customers I enjoyed being around.

                My perch ($24) came with a sour cold beet “slaw” and a sour potato salad. Both were wonderful, given that I can deal with strong artisan vinegar. Very fresh ingredients, perfectly blanched—I’d love to get the recipes, but I was too shy to ask. Heavy on dill herb, light on spices. The perch was served with an exquisite sweet brown butter pecan herb sauce. I must admit that, while the perch was beautiful and had mild flavor indicating freshness, it was not tender and it had a bunch of extremely irritating tiny bones. I’m not a perch expert. Maybe this was good for perch. But, next time I go to Jeremy I’m not ordering the perch… (I might spring for the veal, if I again miss the filet sandwich happy hour).

                My kid’s mushroom risotto ($18) was modest in size, not super small, and served with quality sautéed spinach and roasted carrots. Beyond that, I didn’t analyze it too carefully. It had shitake mushrooms and a brown broth, and was made with a farro wheat grain rather than with Arborio rice (I’m down with that, but some may not appreciate it). Yum. Loved the wholesomeness, effort and creativity. We’d probably try one of the other offerings next time, but we’d certainly be happy to have this again.

                The construction of the wine list was not overly impressive (by impressive, I include a value factor, but even w/o value considered, it was underwhelming). Regardless, only two or so love connections are needed to keep a vino fan happy. The beer list s*cks, and Jeremy management won’t argue this point.

                Getting back on track---We shall return! Probably at happy hour, or with a coupon, or on a specials night. Thanks again for the tip, making for a very nice eve.

                1. re: VTB

                  Oh wow, VTB...you can get the FMS at any time Jeremy is open for business, not just Happy Hour. The only thing about Happy Hour is that there's a discount on the adult beverages at the bar...the bar food is available at the bar at *all* times! I feel bad that you missed out on it.

                  However, I've had that perch dish, and I liked it quite a bit, though I remember that the perch I had was boneless, or at least 99% deboned. It was also quite tender, in addition to your description, but I fully agree with you on the sides: they may have outshone the entree itself. They were fantastic. Between that perch and the perch at Giovanni's, Giovanni's would get the nod, but they're *very* different preparations, too.

                  As for the mushroom risotto and wine list, those things are well beyond my purview, considering that I don't care for wine, and a risotto really wouldn't draw my attention very much. I *do* know that Donna was very, very happy with the veal there when she had it (it didn't thrill me, but I wasn't in a "veal mood" that night, and it didn't change my mind at all).

                  Overall, I've been happy every time I've been there with one exception, and they made it *right* on a subsequent visit which they invited us back for. That's not to say it's a perfect place...it's not: the forced valet on the weekends, the "crampedness" of the center of the dining room itself, the occasional miss/problem from the kitchen. That being said, I have no problem going back, and with the FMS being as good as it is, going back more often than I have been.

                  And I'm glad you didn't try to call...I've been in Atlanta, GA since Thursday, and I'm getting back Monday night, so it wouldn't have happened anyway. On the plus side of being down here, though: I'm getting lotsa Chick-Fil-A love in! ;)