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Sep 4, 2011 05:50 PM

Quebec City resto recs

Damissus and i will be in Quebec City for two nights in early October waiting to catch a cruise.

Need sugestions for dinner for a Friday and Saturday evening, price point around C$50 PP, w/o alcohol.

Coming from AZ, (this is beef country) looking for seafood, either fresh or salt water. Don't know yet where we will be staying, but assume Old Town is the place to go, but we are willing to travel a bit for a super place. Cuisine is not important, but assume French is likely.


Will we need a rez for your suggestion, or just wander in and get a table?

Any suggestions appreciated. Thank You!

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  1. There's 2 fish/seafood restaurants I think of in that area. I heard nice things about them, especially Café du monde, but never tried myself :

    Café du monde :
    Poisson d'Avril :

    Both are close to the port. Definetly make reservations if it's the weekend, not sure about weekdays.

    Hope that helps

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      The only fish/seafood specialised restaurant I know is Poisson d'Avril but the food is not that great. Almost all restaurants have a fish and a seafood dish on their menu every night. If it fits your budget, the usual Panache, Toast, Initiale, Laurie-Raphael and St-Amour will please you! I do like Clocher Penche, SSS, Cafe du Monde and l'Affaire est Ketchup. It's a good idea to have a reservation. Note that some restaurants are closed on Mondays.