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Sep 4, 2011 04:58 PM

mood cafe in west philly

I've discovered a wonderful place. From the outside, Mood Cafe looks a little bare and unclear about what exactly it serves, so let me tell you. It serves AMAZING lassis and AMAZING chaat.

Since first trying it, I have gone back 4 times in 2 weeks because I just can't get enough. The owner is extremely friendly, and he could tell I wasn't an expert in chaat. He gave me a really nice overview of all the varieties he offered and we decided to just have him make me a nice representative chaat. He made a samosa chaat for me with mango in it and it really might be in one of the top 10 things I've ever eaten. The balance of hot/cold and tangy/spicy/sweet and texture was really amazing. The yogurt sauce is spectacular.

The first time I visited I had a classic mango lassi, which was definitely the best I've had. I've tried something new each time because he has really interesting varieties of fruits and flavors available that he lets you mix and match, and they have all been wonderful. He is really considerate and proud of what he makes so he has always had me try everything before paying him.

From what I gather, Mood Cafe has only been open a few months and he has plans to add some new things, like meal chaat which has me really excited. Has anyone else tried it and had similar wonderful experiences?

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  1. Same owners as Desi Village and Desi Chaat House also located in the the area. I have yet to get to Mood Cafe, but Desi Chaat House serves up some killer food. Glad you're enjoying it, as I've only heard positive things.

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      I just moved here a few weeks ago so still have not had a chance to try Desi Village or Desi Chaat House but they are both on my list. Any suggestions for what they do best?

    2. went today- really enjoyed it- my banana and fig smoothie w/ almond milk (really some proprietary vegan blend of almond and coconut milk) was very good, as was the mango lassi, although i really am not a fan of lassis in general (theyre too heavy for me usually)

      my samosa chaat was yummy too- and a huge quantity of food for 5.99. but the banana and fig smoothie will bring me back.

      sounds like the meal chaats are still in the works

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        I recently tried the banana fig lassi and I can't stop thinking about how great it was. We have been experimenting with new things each time we go and also tried the fruit chaat last time, which far surpassed any expectation I have ever had for fruit - really interesting, really delicious. Word is, he will also be serving soup soon!

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          haha i went back for the banana fig lassi- twice in one weekend and im dreaming about it again- ill def have it this saturday :) it's embarrassing...but im glad you enjoyed the banana fig lassi too!

          the fruit chaat looks interesting- what fruit is in it? is it from the fruit cut up and on display in teh front? i was a bit put off by the fruit flies buzzing around there.

          he told me about the soups as well- said hes waiting for it to get colder

          1. re: InSearchOfTacos

            So the fruit chaat. I would recommend sharing it with someone (ideally order a fruit chaat and a savory chaat and share both) because it is a TON of fruit otherwise. So a tupperware full of fruit doesn't really get me as excited as yummy cilantro crispy yogurt things, BUT I actually really enjoyed this and didn't get sick of it by the end. Yes, it is from the fruit that was in the display, and I was told it contained some special "spices" - this is all the detail I know about its ingredients. It was definitely one of those things where the sum is greater than the parts. The first bite was strange but intriguing, and the more I ate it was like it was becoming comfort food instantly, if that makes sense haha. I probably won't be getting it every time I go or anything, but it was a nice way to switch it up and if you share you still get savory chaat too!

            1. re: mleighn

              good to know about the fruit chaat

              also for those who have been waiting for this...soups and meals are here woohoo! i had the lentil soup- lovely and perfect in the heat. spicy and reminiscent of pureed daal- which im pretty sure is what it was. i wish there were some big chunks of lentil in there for texture. i had mine with some papri (?), the little crunchy, fried bits in the chaat. i cant complain about fried goodness. im sure this would taste great with some peanut or cashew too. didnt mention this to him tho, next time i will. there was also a chicken soup, but i did not sample that.