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Sep 4, 2011 02:32 PM

Moving to Demarest (near Tenafly) from NYC Need lots of advice

All recommendations welcomed from simple dining with children, take out, and finer adult dining. Byob's appreciated.

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  1. Welcome to the culinary wasteland. Try venturing into Englewood, a few new spots, check the chowhound site for suggestions. Try Samdam in Cresskill, turkish, very good. Mr. Wok in Tenafly good Chinese eat in or take out. If you are used to Manhattan choices, there aren't too many in your area. Don't fall for the Ridgewood choices either, not that great.

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    1. re: doxy216

      wow, doxy!! while it's no manhattan, there are some decent eats around town, assuming you like ethnic eats (and have a car)

      Tenafly: Simply Vietnamese- review just ran in the nytimes last week. Decent, though not the best vietnamese (and more expensive than most viet. places i'm used to)

      Axia Taverna in Tenafly;
      Nisi Estuario in Englewood: I'd say both are some of the best upscale greek you'll get anywhere (even compared to those in the city (e.g. molyvos). Both are pricey and both are not BYO, definitely worth it

      El Caney: Bergenfield- Cuban take out...Very good, very cheap and very busy

      Marios's Pollo: Hackensack- Columbian-Fantastic roasted chix, beans, chiccarone, ect

      Amici's: Bergenfield- GREAT pizza and old school sunday sauce (BYO)

      La Maravillas De Tulcingo : Englewood- Authentic (no, really) mexican. BYO

      Tommy fox's: Bergenfield - makes a hell of a burger

      Unidentified Flying Chicken- tenafly & Mad for Chicken-Bergenfield: Korean Fried Chicken

      That's my list thus far- Welcome to BC!

      AXIA Taverna
      18 Piermont Rd, Tenafly, NJ 07670

      Unidentified Flying Chickens
      35 Washington St, Tenafly, NJ 07670

      El Caney
      48 W Church St, Bergenfield, NJ 07621

    2. I think if you do some searching for food on the blog you'll find some very good eats.

      1. And, the Tenefly farmer's market is my favorite in the county! The people who run it also run Union Square Market so they get some vendors there that are unique to Bergen County.

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        1. re: Picnicchef

          Agree w/Picnic chef on Tenafly's farmers market (and have to add a good word for her restaurant Picnic in Fairlawn...Very good stuff comes out of that kitchen & it's only about 20 minutes away)

        2. Sure, the NJ dining experience is not even close to dining in NYC, but there are some decent places. I do agree with doxy216 that Ridgewood is not great, but most places are BYOB & kid friendly. Kumo is a nice Japanese place in Ridgewood. Locale and Harvest in Closter are both decent. There's a new steak place opening up in Closter also,called Sear Grill(?). All you can eat sushi in River Vale, Kazuki, is good. Akai Lounge in Englewood is my first choice for sushi, though. Samdan is the best Turkish around, and they now deliver.

          Samdan Restaurant
          178 Piermont Rd, Cresskill, NJ 07626

          Akai Lounge
          11 N Dean St, Englewood, NJ 07631