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Sep 4, 2011 12:52 PM

Schwa Closed Without Notice

We had a reservation this past Friday evening at Schwa but when we arrived at the restaurant we were told that they were closed. Does anyone know what has happened?

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  1. Like closed for good, or close for the night?

    Schwa is notoriously flaky you never know if they're going to cancel your reservation. That said, Schwa did close for an extended period of time a year or so ago.

    Rumors have been swirling about a closure and Michael Carlson moving to California.

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    1. re: PopMegaphone

      That was never made clear to us. We were told that the Chef was gone and that they should have contacted us (which they had not).

        1. re: huiray

          I think it's known he's in California, however Schwa PR (lol) said isn't closing:

          Hopefully it's only closed temporarily while he's away on vacation.

      1. re: oysterspearls

        I sure miss this place being Lovitt's. Great food and they never closed because of "plumbing problems" or because the chef is a flake or cancelled your resewrvation because someone barely famous wanted to eat there.

        1. re: hoppy2468

          No doubt I can understand the frustration. Been there myself.

          I refuse to speculate though. Plumbing problems and celebrities getting special treatment I can't verify one way or another. Air Conditioner on the other hand I can verify as legit.

      2. I live by Schwa and usually run by during my runs. It has been noticeably quiet... normally I see one of the chefs/staff going in and out but not lately.

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        1. re: one00proof

          Any updates on this? I've been trying to call to confirm my reservation for this Friday, but can't get through.

          Oddly enough, it's going straight to voicemail, which I've never experienced before.

          1. re: kwa77

            They are open and suspect they will call to confirm. Though if myself I would continue trying to be on the safe side.

            1. re: oysterspearls

              Don't count on them calling you. They never notified me! I was unable confirm my reservation because the voice mail box was full which prevented me from even leaving a message.

              1. re: realtripy

                Each time they confirmed my reservation. Once even received confirmation twice.

                1. re: oysterspearls

                  They confirmed me on a Thursday once and then cancelled/closed on Friday without telling me. I still have the confirmation call saved on voice mail and it still cracks me up - they subsequently managed to fit me in Saturday.


                2. re: realtripy

                  They've returned my calls as well. And they are likely to confirm your reservation because they don't want to be left expecting a reservation that doesn't show up. Which, of course is ironic because they don't necessarily return that respect when they cancel at the last minute.