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Sep 4, 2011 12:29 PM

Speculoos and pistachio paste?

Where can I find those two products in Montreal: pistachio paste and speculoos paste?

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  1. For pistachio paste, try Marrché Transatlantique -

    1. You can buy speculoos paste at Biscuiterie Oscar on Plaza St-Hubert. I've also seen it in various gourmet shops and at P.A.

      Pastichio paste might be harder to find. Maybe France Décor has it.

      1. I've seen small bags of pistachio paste at the Folies en vrac on Ste-Catherine (right in front of Beaudry station) in the last few months.

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        1. re: nonpareils

          Bags? Are you sure it's pistachio paste? It's never sold in bags... it's almost liquid and oily.

        2. I've bougth Speculoos paste at Chocobel on De Castelnau earlier this summer. They had both the 'chunky' and 'smooth' version.

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          1. re: NickinMtl

            La vieille Europe has Speculoos Paste both versions....that s**t is addictive..