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Sep 4, 2011 11:04 AM

Mandolin safety guard - recommendations?

I've just bought the OXO handheld mandolin , mainly for slicing veggies for salads. It's easy to use and clean, but the safety guard supplied with it is frankly, rubbish. The spikes don't grip the food, unless it's a short (1 or 2 inch) segment, and it's tempting to forego it entirely, but that's how fingertips get lost! Can anyone recommend a good replacement safety guard I can buy so I don't end up with shredded fingers?

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  1. Sorry, I don't have a replacement idea, but for heaven's sake, use *something*! No matter how often you see TV chefs using the palm of their hand, don't do it. I've got the scars to prove just how bad an idea that is...

    1. I don't know if they're readily available in the UK, but I myself use a cut-resistant Kevlar glove similar to this: . I bought mine at fishing tackle store but they sell them in kitchen supply stores here, too. They do make metal mesh gloves as well, but those are very, very expensive.

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        Just had a quick look, and these are available in the UK, so that looks like it would be a good option - thanks!

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          The cut resistant gloves are a finger saver. We just bought a Rösle mandolin and a cut resistant glove at WS. I haven't used the glove yet because all I've sliced so far is zucini and that has a handle on one end. Mrs. mikie used the glove the other day slicing apples for a pie, but only after almost cutting herself. The old plastic mandolin we had came with a pusher but it wasn't easy to use. The glove is far superior.

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              Holy crap! Are you ok?? So this was from a mandoline huh?

              I have heard that some people stick a fork in what they are slicing and do it that way. I don't know if that works.

              I could use one and was thinking of getting a good SS mandoline with a stand. Don't know if the ones with the stand are better, safer. I know the hand guards on mandolines typically don't work that well. Maybe some are better than others the way they attach to food and slice.

              I guess a glove makes sense. I wonder what type of glove offers the best protection is not cumbersome and can be cleaned easy.

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                I got one at BB&B. It is not metal, but something seemingly just as strong. Of course I don't make an effort to test its ability! I throw it in the DW. I hate the holder that came with my mandoline; it ruins the vegetables with all the little holes.


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                  I didn't need stitches but I took a small chunk out of my finger and lost a little bit of nail bed, too. Yes, it was a mandoline that did it -- but it's a wake up call that I really need to be more careful. Fortunately, my wife is a nurse practitioner -- so she took care of me. It should be OK in a few weeks. It's not too hard to work around, and I am in no pain. Oh, and my cut-resistant gloves arrived on Monday! ;-)

        2. I have a mandolin (don't think it's the same though it's an OXO). I also hated the guard that came with it; in order to grip the food you mangle most of it with the little spikes. So I bought a "chain mail" glove at BB&B. It works great.

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            Wow, I am *so* going to get one of those before I lose another damn fingertip!

            1. re: Clarkafella

              I hear ya. I waited to get one until I had almost lost a bit of fingertip - talking on the phone and using a mandoline at the same time is really not a very good idea! So I'll also mention that I'm still really careful with the mandoline even with the glove. I sort of quasi-tested the glove with a sharp knife, and while I think it would protect you from a glancing blow against the blade, I'm not sure it would save you if you hit the blade with a head-on, firm slicing motion - mandoline blades always seem to me much sharper than I expect them to be!

          2. I have a cheapo mando that is (or was) the Crate and Barrel house model. The maker seems to be Leifheit. I only use it occasionally, mostly for potatos, and the guard works fine. You'll probably need to change tools to change guards. I did cut myself on a mandolin once before I quit drinking, and wasn't anxious to repeat the experience- only time I remember cutting myself in the kitchen while actually making a cut.

            1. The Boerner (also spelled Börner) V-slicer has an excellent guard. The round knob you see at the top is a plunger with holes riding along 1-1/2" spikes. If there were an onion under the guard in the picture, the plunger would be all the way up. You hold the safety guard while applying pressure on the plunder with the palm of the same hand as you move the food back and forth until the plunger is fully depressed. Try looking on eBay for a used one, or contact the company. This guard can be used on other types of slicer/mandoline.