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Sep 4, 2011 08:05 AM

Turquoise on Union Turnpike in Queens

We ate last night at Turquoise Kosher Fish Restaurant and wanted to pass along how good it was. The menu is primarily a fish menu and offer whole fish as well as fillets. There were 6 of us and we shared zucchini chips and roasted asparagus for appetizers. Both were fresh and tasty. For our main course, 3 of us got the combination platter (where you can choose 3 different types of broiled fish fillet) and the rest got the St. Peter's fillet in parchment paper, the tuna and chilean sea bass. All were excellent. We were too full for dessert so I can't speak to that. Service was quick and polite. We paid around $40 a person -- but all we ordered was what I mention above so it can get pricey. Definitely somewhere I will go back to.

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  1. Had a great meal there New Years Eve- 10 of us - split 6 appetizers- 2 Bottles of Segal Special Reserve Chardonnay and a bottle of that "Blue Stuff" The entrees were very good -My friend thought the Sea Bass was a little skimpy & asked to have it fixed up -no Problem) & the pasta needed more sauce -- I had the Whole half grilled & fried St. Peters Fish- Crispy & Delicious ,with basmati rice & grilled tomato - Problem was that the serving dish was too small -- A great whiskey chocolate cake - a Gratis birthday dessert - Cappuccinos -& Teas with fresh mint
    Only Fault was that they don't brew regular coffee -oh well
    -the place was rocking- People from 5T-GN -WH
    $650 with tax & tip - had a 8:30 resvervation & stayed tiil 12
    Service was very attentive & just nice & the owner was around all night
    all in all a great evening

    1. True true. I was very impressed with Turquoise. Would go there again in a heartbeat. Fresh, good vibe and nice place.

      1. Is there much on the menu other than fish? I often dine with someone who can't eat fish; would there be enough to choose from?

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          Not much else other than fish.. There are one or two pasta dishes on the menu.