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Sep 4, 2011 07:36 AM

Herndon area: Ceviche

I am in the Herndon area and I am looking for Mexican versions of ceviche but I am open to trying ceviche from other countries. If you have a good rec for ceviche that is not Mexican, can you please tell me what to expect, and how it is served/eaten, and what is usually added to it by the diner.

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  1. We are short on real Mexican out here in the NW 'burbs in Virginia. You will find a ceviche that is mostly tilapia (I think), with some shrimp and squid,at Pollos Inka on Elden Street in Herndon. This is a huge portion on a platter accompanied by potato and some corn, with only hot sauce added by the diner. I believe that Passionfish in Reston offers ceviche selections as well.

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      Thanks! I quite liked their pollo a la brasa and will make it a point to check out their ceviche soon!

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        I also saw a ceviche trio available on the menu at Nippon in Herndon (on Elden St., on the outskirts of the K-mart plaza).

    2. Don churros, over in chantilly. They have a variety of ceviches. Honestly I have never had a bad meal there, and it is truly a hidden gem.

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        I shop at Lottes about once per week so I will definitely stop in there for some Peruvian ceviche.

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          We went to Don Churros in Chantilly last night (Saturday) based on your rec. We found the food dismal and the prices rapacious. Let me elaborate.

          We started with the ceviche. We ordered the De camarón ecuatoriano, "Ecudorian style shrimp ceviche in tomato, orange and lime juice with onion, $13.95" When the waitress brought out our order I thought she had made a mistake. In front of me was what I thought was tomato soup, as there was nary a shrimp or onion to be seen. However, when I used the soup spoon to stir this broth 4 small shrimp and a few slivers of onion appeared from the depths. (see the ceviche Wikipedia page to see how the dish should really appear).

          We asked the waitress what the most popular dishes were. She recommended the Gambas all ajillo. "Garlic shrimp. $9.50" Sound good. Sounds simple. We can't miss with this dish, we thought. We are given a platter containing five small (51-60 CT) broiled shrimp in garlic oil surrounded by four small (1 x 2in) pieces of garlic bread.

          For the entrees we ordered the hornado "roasted pulled pork served with llapingachos (white corn), avocado, lettuce and encebollado. What we received was two cups of bone-dry pulled pork with shredded iceberg lettuce and red onion and a little lime juice. The white corn appeared and tasted boiled and dry as well. $14.95

          Give this a place a wide berth.