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Sep 4, 2011 07:14 AM

Suggestions for Tokyo Dinner?

Where should I go for a great dinner in Tokyo? I'll be visiting for a few days, and it happens to be over my birthday, so I thought I'd go out somewhere nice.


1. I'd rather have strictly Japanese (rather than French fusion, etc.) food.
2. I don't speak or read Japanese. I don't mind not having a menu in English (I'm happy not knowing exactly what I'm eating), but I don't want to go anywhere where I'd be uncomfortable, or make the staff feel uncomfortable. Also, I need to be able to make reservations either online or by phone in English.
3. I'd like to keep dinner under 20,000Y/pp.
4. This will be mid-October, so anywhere with more than a 6-week wait-list is out.

Thanks! (Also, I'll be in Tokyo for a few days, so other suggestions welcome as well.)

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  1. Sushis are happy, joyous and fun !!! So, this is a good occasion to try a small blond counter in Ginza:
    Sushi TaiichiĀ
    The chef set menu will be under 15,000.-yens and quantity more than enough!!!
    After, just take a walk on Ginza...