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Taco fix in/around Herndon

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Every place seems to be Salvadoran. I like Salvadoran, but I am craving my tejano and norteño taco de barbacoa, taco de lengua, taco de tripa, etc...Back home in Texas we have copious taco trucks and carts and taquerías on every corner. Where to go when I am craving the taste of home? I am looking for a place with good meats, well made salsas, and possibly even fresh hand made corn tortillas, though factory fresh works for me, too.

I am sure I could find this stuff if I drove far away, but there has to be something in or near to Herndon, right?

While I am at it, is there a place around here that sells barbacoa by the pound? I am looking for tejano/norteño style beef barbacoa de cachete or cabeza.

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  1. I have the Tacos El Chilango truck at the MVA in Gaithersburg, but contact these guys... for location they say NoVa.


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      Not Herndon per se, but did you see this thread?



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        Thx to both of you, will check these out.