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Sep 4, 2011 07:03 AM

Sur Mesure??

Has anyone been there yet?
Looks interesting.
Thinking of making a Reservation, but would like feedback, if possible

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  1. On the positive side, this Mandarin Oriental seems a tad bit cheaper than the one in London. But since I am no longer on expense account, that seems irrelevant today. The restaurant does offer a lunch prix-fixe for 75 Euros (5 courses). I did see on one of the carte menus a piece of John Dory for 48 Euros. No doubt international businessmen will flock to this hotel as it is cheaper than the Ritz which is just across the street. What a deal.

    1. I've eaten there twice and found it very underwhelming. Strange monastic feeling dining room, stratospherically expensive wine list, balky service, not fun. And the food? The only dish that I liked was a twee miniature riff on a pastrami sandwich. Otherwise, lots of smoke and mirrors. For the same money, I'd much rather go to L'Astrance or Pierre Gagnaire if I wanted innovative contemporary French haute cuisine.

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        Thanks andaba
        This site has saved us from many a bad meal.
        We do have a reservation at Pierre Gagnaire next week.