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Sep 4, 2011 05:58 AM

ISO Wild blueberries

I've bought them at Russo's, $9 for a quart. Good, but so wet that I tried to dry them off with paper towels to prevent them rotting before I used them. Quite a pain, toweling off those little suckers. I've also seen them at Whole Foods, about $5 a pint, and at Wilson Farms (don't remember the price). Truth be told, the wild ones I've had lately don't taste any better than the better normal-sized ones. Your thoughts on wild blue taste, price and availability as their season draws rapidly to a close?

Wilson Farm
10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421

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  1. Season for wild blueberries is long past in Northern New England. I went up the second week of August to stock up for the winter. Could be that South of the notches you can still find some.

    1. Just got some organic wild ME blueberries at Whole Foods this a.m. - haven't tried them yet - will report back.


      1. I've found essentially the same thing with the ones I've bought recently from Whole Foods and Wilson's Farms - a bit wet and past their prime. I would guess that they were picked at least a week or so before they hit the store, so they've started to get mushy and lose some flavor.

        I find that they're best cooked in a mass to capture their distinctive taste - like in a pie or a cobbler - rather than in muffins or pancakes, where their flavor kind of gets lost.

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          I actually prefer them in muffins, but then I don't like the big wet spots that regular blueberries leave behind when they bake. My favorite is a wild blueberry and peach combo in a muffin, with a pinch of nutmeg.

          I bought a pretty nice 5-lb box or wild blueberries through Boston Organics several weeks ago. I thi they still have them up on the add-on order page, subject to availability. I remember a bit in their newsletter where they said that the berries cannot be harvested if it is too wet, the growers need to wait until the bushes dry out a bit. it sounds like that's been a problem for the berries folks have been finding around town...for the record, my box of wilds was slightly damp but not soggy. I think I paid $27 for it.

        2. Verrill had them yesterday for $5 a pint. I can't speak to their taste because I haven't eaten them yet.

          1. I found my personal best batch of the summer at Russo's today. A quart for $8. They seem slightly larger than the usual wild blues, but are tasty and not at all soggy in the package.

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              I just picked up a qt too today at Russo's. Ready to have some this afternoon!