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Sep 3, 2011 08:03 PM

Least awful Canobie Lake dining option?

went to Canobie for the first time with husband and the chow pups. Had a great time! So great we were there from 1 to 8pm, so all of my efforts to pre-stuff the pups and avoid nasty overpriced crap were for naught. We ended up with the parental nightmare: kids melting down from hunger and resorting to the closest source of food, which was a place that offered different varieties of "chicken tenders" and fries. Later I saw a few places that looked marginally more appealing. Does anyone have any experiences of tolerable food there? Leaving the park, whether for packed food or a nearby restaurant, is unlikely to fly...

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  1. It's been a long time since my Canobie Park years (kids are grown). Back then, we found the best solution was a cooler packed in the car. Maybe others have better options...

    Edit - just reread your note & see that you don't want to pack food. Personally, I never gave my family the option - it was go back to the car or starve, hahaha (I refused to even pay for the overpriced drinks, too). YMMV.

    1. In our experience, the least offensive option taste-wise (and they're all offensive price-wise!) is the place (I think it's a "Yankee Tavern" or something) that's right by the Boston Tea Party ride. There are freshly made sandwiches (turkey my usual), hot dogs/tenders/etc. Ice cream place right around the corner too if you require immediate dessert.


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        My 26 year old daughter goes to Canobie with her boyfriend and his nieces once a year.

        She packs a cooler and they take a break from all the noise and go to the car to have lunch.