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Sep 3, 2011 07:06 PM

Whirly Pop owners

what is your oil choice? Preferred amount of oil? Preferred type of kernels?

My final product isn't crisp enough, too chewy, and I can't figure out how to fix it.

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  1. Grapeseed Oil from Costco has a high "burn point" so works very well with my Newman's Own popcorn. 2T. oil to 1/4 C. kernels. Just to be sure the oil is hot enough, I put the oil
    in the Whrily and add three kernesl. When those pop, I add the rest. BTW, I love the Whirly Pop and over the years have given several as gifts. I think the popcorn made in them is SOOO
    much better that the "microwave crap" so many people seem to like.

    1. I no longer use the wife's unit (I picked up a used Theater unit), but I always use coconut oil for the taste and texture. Not all that healthy :)

      I do use Grapeseed oil for other frying when small amounts are needed (like the t-fal actifry).

      A hint for you - get generic popcorn, and vacuum seal it into mason jars on a very humid day (or when it is raining). The kernels will absorb the moisture over a little time and pop up fluffier.
      The kid and I usually get a 25# or 50# bag of bulk popcorn when it gets warm in the summer, and vacuum seal it into the mason jars for use over the year.

      1. I'm sitting here eating some popcorn my husband just made in our Whirley Pop. He often uses olive oil and while in theory it shouldn't be good in this application it always works well. Otherwise he uses Grapeseed Oil.