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Sep 3, 2011 05:51 PM

Sausalito: Dive into Davey Jones Deli for creative, 90% organic sandwiches - vegans and meat-o-philes equally welcome

This modest deli opened Memorial Day 2010 in The Bait Shop which has housed various delis over the years.

They use Pacific Sun olive oil, Guistos Mill flour and sea salts, dairy products from a Petaluma farm (the goat cheddar is fabulous). Poultry is house-roast, local, free-range and hormone-free. The pastrami is Kosher. They use local farmers and markets for seasonal and organic produce as much as possible ... the xx% organic part.

They cater such things as

- $5 pp tea sandwich sampler

- $16 pp panafrolantinoeurasianamricana hot buffets (burritos, Southern bbq, Indian, African, whatever)

- $ 20 pp Gourmet Farmers Market buffet

- $ 80 pp personal pirate chef pop up restaurant in your house 5 course, local seasonal, French, flambe, knive juggle and throw, jazz and bossa nova seranade, muotly true sea and safari stories, etc

This charismatic 2 person operation will cater to your tastes.

There are house made desserts made by a lady called Sierra. They include

- Disaronno chocolate in chocolate butter cream cake

- Coconut lemon curd

- Whatever is the whim of the day based on the availability of local ingredients ... apple crisp was available on my visit

Desserts are $3.50 per slice. With advance notice whole cakes may be ordered.

Here's what I had

- Holiday

House-roast, hand-carved turkey with cranberry compote, almonds, arugula, goat cheddar (again ... fab) red onion, fennel pickle & roast red pepper sauce

- Whim of the day

Lentil and summer berry (strawberry, blueberry, cherry) sandwich on greens

- Chipotle mango coleslaw

- Roast garlic bacon potato salad

Other sandwiches include: Cuban, Reuben, Muffaletta, Porkberrywich,(pullled pork with fresh berries), Mexican meatloaf and more.

You won't get the traditional version (unless you ask). The Rueben comes with saurkraut, white cheddar with garlic, red sauce & Dijon. Based on my untraditional turkey Holiday ... the creative twists work.

There are organic salads and soups as well.

This place is take out only.

A different meat is roasted daily. Pork one day, turkey/chicken the next, etc. There's lots for vegetarians and vegans and it isn't boring.

More details on my order in the first reply

Flickr photostream

The website (link in restuarant record) has some nice photos. Actually it photographed better than it is. It's a simple deli counter producing simply delicious sandwiches and such

Davey Jones Deli
1 Gate 6 Rd., Sausalito, CA 94965

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  1. - Holiday

    House-roast, hand-carved turkey with cranberry compote, almonds, arugula, goat cheddar (again..., fab) red onion, fennel pickle & roast red pepper sauce

    Not quite the classic holiday sandwich, but I liked it alot ... especially that goat cheddar. The hand-carved turkey breast ... not deli thin, thank heavens ..., was moist and flavorful. They currently use Bordenave of San Rafael for bread and rolls. This is not usually my favorite bakery, but the Dutch crunch rolls were perfect. The goat cheddar tasted like a mild cheddar, but there was a smooth, mellow tang like fresh goat cheese. It was exquisite.

    The only thing that didn't work for me where the whole almonds. Every time I bit into one I was suprised. Sliced almonds would have been better.

    - Whim of the day

    Lentil and summer berry (strawberry, blueberry, cherry) sandwich on greens

    I was really going to go with the Rueben or Mississippi wrap (pulled pork, potato salad, cranberry compote, fresh jalapeno, red onions, habanero chutney).

    However, despite the fact I'm neither a lentil fan nor like fruit in savory food, the description was so intrigung, I went for it. Glad I did. The lentils had complex spice and married perfectly with the plump, ripe perfect berries. This was also on a dutch crunch roll.

    - Chipotle mango coleslaw

    The soft sweet mango with crunchy creamy coleslaw just wasn't a flavor combo I liked. There were nice hot hits of chipotle.

    - Roast garlic bacon potato salad

    This was too soft for me, one of those potato salads that gets too close to mashed. The garlic and bacon were way too subtle.

    I've read on yelp (my lead for this joint) that the soup is great. However, the fresh tomato basil wasn't going to be ready for a few hours. All they had was lentil and I already had a lentil sandwich.

    I was also after the chocolate cake ... the last piece was sold to the customer just before me ... sigh. I was so focused on that, I passed on the apple crisp. I wasn't ready yet to move into fall desserts.

    I'm not sure if the name of the guy making the sandwiches was Dave, but he's interesting to listen to. I asked if this was his first deli (he looks like he's in his 20's). He said no. He had a restaurant when he was living in Africa.

    Though the cake, soup and deli salads are a deal, the sandwiches, green salads and wraps lean toward higher-priced. It is a matter of paying for quality ingredients. You know how much that farmers market produce and free range poultry can be. The Holiday sandwich was $11. Most wraps and salads are about $9. A basic create-your-own sandwich is about $7.50. There is the option of a small sandwich (2 oz meat) same amount of bread and veggies. That starts at $5.50. Regular sandwiches have 1/4 pound of meat.

    All house sauces are vegan aoilis ... and really tasty.

    Each sandwich half is wrapped separately. That was nice for me. I ate one half of each sandwich while illegally parked in the house boat parking lot and then had the other halves for dinner.

    The place is right off the highway (Marin City/Sausalito exit South). Make a right, head straight through the light towards the house boats. This is critical ... make the first left into the mini mall after the light. Miss that and you dirve all over like I did.

    I'll definately return. Great place. Great people.

    1. I've been going there infrequently since he opened the deli and it just gets better. Today I got their daily special sandwich ($9.50) which was pulled pork, butternut squash, onions, kale, and probably some things I've forgotten. When I opened the sack I found two wrapped sections of sandwich. I ate one for lunch and it was delicious, and enough food; the other half will be for later this week. The pork had character even if it wasn't bbq-smoked. The menu board is large and the items are creative. Give it a try.

      1. This was featured on Check Please. Looks really good:

        1. Looks WAY too clean to be a Bait Shop. Was this Sausalito-style Irony?

          1. It's worth an update a year later. I stopped in today late in the afternoon and got one of their pre-made sandwiches (also good for crowded lunch time to avoid a wait). They're smaller and cost less, but big enough for me. I had the Holiday ($6.50), with many ingredients that I'm going to list here so you can see an example of what they do - Turkey, Goat Cheddar, Almonds, Arugula, Cranberry Compote, Pickle, Pepperoncini, Red Onion, Roast Garlic, Red Pepper Sauce, Mustard & Mayo, Fresh Lemon, Tomato, Cilantro, & Sesame Salt on Dutch Crunch Roll. Note that they roast their own turkey. Yes, it was very good.