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Sep 3, 2011 05:18 PM

Hotel Eden Breakfast options

I will be staying at the Hotel Eden on Via Ludovisi 49 in October. As the hotel is charging 40euros/person for breakfast, what other options are available in the vicinity of the hotel for breakfast? Since this is our first trip to Rome, any help will be appreciated.

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  1. What kind of breakfast? You can get an Italian breakfast (coffee, cornetto, probably also orange juice) at any bar or cafe nearby, but very few places except for expensive hotels do an American breakfast. There are reportedly one or more places on Piazza Barberini that do an American breakfast.

    1. 40 euros??? That's crazy!
      I don't remember relevant places strctly close to the hotel but walking few minutes you can get some good addresses to have breakfast in Italian style with sweets, cornetti and cappuccino! With a 5 minutes walking you can reach Sottocasa Sfizi Golosi. There you can find also streetfood for other day hours and a delicious tiramisu.  Walking 15 minutes you can arrive and stay in the beautiful piazza di Pietra (I love it) and have a quite good breakfast at La Caffettiera, a napoletan Caffe. Not excellent but the scenary worth a stop especially in the early morning. Moreover in the same place there's Osteria dell'Ingegno that prepares American breakfast if you prefers.

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        There is cafe popular with office workers on Ludovisi, two blocks down from the Eden toward Via Veneto on the right. It stays busy but you can get the usual pastries, expressi, juices and there are tables outside on the street. Good quality, reasonable prices, pleasant staff.

        For an "American" breakfast at a far less rapacious price that 40 euros, head over to via Sardegna 21 (a five-ten minute walk from the Eden) to Lotti. Lotti is around the corner from the Marriott Flora, off via Veneto, serves omelets, pastries, most of what you likely want for a ful fledged breakfast. Plus, the staff there is welcoming and accomodating to hotel guests seeking an alternative in the morning. Lotti resembles a small town diner/coffee shop but, hey, you get what you pay for and the quality is pretty good.

        I believe Lotti is closed on Saturdays but open Sunday.

      2. Caffe, Pastacciotto, juice, you should not pay more than 8 Euro, that is if you sit at a table too, cheaper at the bar/counter!

        1. have a nice light italian style breakfast (coffee with milk and pastry, maybe a juice) and you will have a much better appetite for a nice relaxed Roman lunch.