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Sep 3, 2011 05:17 PM

Sunday and Monday in Barcelona - questions

We are staying in the Barri Gotic for 3 nights (17,18,19 september). I have searched the board - here are my specific questions, if anyone can help.

Based on my searches, lunch in Barceloneta on Sunday could be a fun thing to do. La Cova and Can Mano come up frequently on this board. Is it recommended to have a reservation at either of these?

Based on my searches, a pinxto crawl in El Born is one of our options for Sunday night. I have seen recommendations on this board for Euskal Extea and Sagardi. I am having a hard time confirming if these places are in fact open on Sunday night. Are they? I assume you do not need to reserve but if I am wrong please let me know.

I have not come up with a plan for dinner on Monday night. Saturday night we have reservations at Hisop which we are looking forward to. One restaurant I was thinking of for dinner on Monday is Gresca. A concern is that it will be too much like Hisop. Critiques / thoughts / alternate suggestions for Gresca welcome.


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  1. Lunch at Barceloneta on Sunday: La Cova Fumada and Can Mano are both closed. Most locals go for seafood and rice dishes; good are Kaiku, Cherif, Can Ros, Can Ramonet.
    Pintxos crawl in El Born: both Euskal Extea and Sagardi are both open Sunday nights. Don't limit yourself to those as there are many other places around c/Argenteria, Placa Santa Maria del Mar, Pl/c Montcado. Try some of the tapas places such as Bar de Pla, Tapeo, La Tinaja; great wines at La Vinya del Senyor. Just across from El Born on the edge of Barceloneta is El Vaso de Oro. No pintxos places and very few tapas places take reservations. Most are standup/bar stool type of places.
    Monday night: Gresca is similar to Hisop but not as polish. Another modern Catalan restaurant that is open on Monday, I would do Alkimia. Alternate suggestions: what specific type of food/budget/ambience are you looking for?

    1. I was just in Barcelona. On Sunday we had lunch at Kaiku as may have recommended. We reserved the day before for a 2 p.m. lunch and it was full if you didn't have a reservation. It was pretty hot and I had asked to be seated outside - inside was very stuffy. The food there was very good - we had a big salad which I had been craving after numerous dinners with little in the way of veggies, and we had a seafood and rice dish which was very nice. But it is not paella (there is no soccarat), although is presented very similarly.

      On Sunday night we reserved at Paco Meralgo in L'Eixample. Great neighborhood place but wouldn't call it a destination. We had a terrific meal there as well (in fact we went back there our last night). It's a lively upbeat tapas bar and we've tried about 10 - 12 dishes and everything was terrific. We had a lot of patatas bravas and pan con tomate on the trip and those two dishes were better at Paco Meralgo than any other tapas bar we tried.