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Sep 3, 2011 04:13 PM

You rub on the magical Chowhound Lamp and.... (Part II)

...the Chowhound Genie appears before you, and this time the Genie's feeling a bit nostalgic, and decides to grant you one wish. You can once again eat something you thought you'd never, ever get the chance to eat again.

It could be something someone who's no longer with you prepared; or a dish in a now-defunct restaurant; or a product of a place and time that will never be repeated; or something they don't make anymore.

You get one magical chance to taste again that special food from your past. What would it be?

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  1. My Grandma Ida made a cookie called Heavenly Hash. It was almost like candy: airy deep chocolate studded with unmelted marshmallows and chunks of walnut. Nothing like the processed Rocky Road Candy - it wasn't chewy and pully, and in Rocky Road the marshmallows are melted. Ugh.
    I know that the airness factor came from whipped egg whites. She showed me how to make them once, when I was maybe 8, me sitting on the counter and looking on; her in a pretty apron with her hair done just so; moving briskly because she knew exactly what she was doiing. She explained the folding process for me, and showed me. The base also involved Hershey's cocoa.
    I don't have the Sisterhood cookbook from that temple anymore. I mourn its loss. But I do have wonderful memories of food, and cooking, and warmth and love and acceptance and safety, watching Gramma Ida cook.

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    1. Boerewors and biltong... neither of which I've had in 30 years.

        1. re: PotatoHouse

          The Lobster Thermidor at the Rueben E. Lee restaurant in Newport Beach.

        2. My mother's meatloaf and mashed potatoes followed by apple dumplings with vanilla caramel sauce. My childhood memories on a plate. Sadly, those recipes died with her passing. This Tuesday marks the 4th anniversary of her passing. Guess she is heavy on my mind this weekend.

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          1. re: sherriberry

            Pay tribute to your mother, then cook the meal, even if it doesn't turn out like hers you are still thinking of her while you are doing it God Bless!

            1. re: kpaumer

              Good idea. My meatlof isn't as good, but it is passable. The vanilla caramel sauce, on the other hand, gonna have to do some research. That is what made the dumplings out of this world.

            2. re: sherriberry

              sherriberry so sorry, thinking of you tonight. your mom would have loved that you want so much to taste her good food again, i am sure. my mom wasn't a great cook, but she is still missed dreadfully. you go ahead and make your own version - and write it down for your own kids! (if you have them.)

            3. Lobster Newburg at the Brown Derby in Hollywood. Also their Cobb Salad. aaah, spent so many leisurely champagne-soaked Sunday afternoons there.... time and place.