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Sep 3, 2011 03:55 PM

KitchenAid Enamel/Cast Iron Dutch Oven I know most hounds drool over Le Creuset but I just acquired a 7 qt. KA dutch oven for a very good (certainly compared to LeC) price...

Anyone have any experience with these items???

I am pretty happy with it and am planning my first use in the next few days....

Thanks Hounds.

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  1. I have Le Creuset but my ex did buy the KA enamelled cast iron. I used it only once, at his home, but certainly no difference in its performance.

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    1. I'd imagine if it's truly enameled, you should see no qualitative difference between it and the Le Creuset, so long as its durability lives up to expectations.

      1. Can only relay my sister's experience with these: Her boyfriend is quite lunatic, and tends to "forget" food cooking while doing something else... Well, something he was cooking in the oven did overheat, and it was a burned-in mess. Nothing could clean it, and she reverted to strong chemicals (I believe VIM). Well, the mess did clear a bit, but the enamel did not resist (cracked, so she threw out the pot).

        I have no idea how a more expensive pot (Creuset, Staub, ...) would have behave, so I can't compare. Maybe someone else has a LC incident to share?

        I'm lucky, DH doesn't cook, and he doesn't forget anything if I ask him to start/stop something while I'm out...