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Sep 3, 2011 03:35 PM

Amazing dinner at Salum

My husband and I like to go all out for our anniversary dinners. This year, we chose to celebrate at Salum, and we were not disappointed. I made my reservation on Open Table, and requested a tasting menu by the chef if possible. I forgot about this request until our server asked if we were still interested in doing a tasting. Absolutely! With so many appealing options on the menu, we happily put ourselves in their hands. Five courses later, we were thrilled with our decision

First course -- tempura fried pequillo pepper stuffed w/ crawfish in a cream sauce. So so good. The tempura batter was light and lacy but held its integrity even in the cream sauce. The pepper was sweet, the crawfish was rich and buttery. The sauce was so good that my husband used the delicious olive bread to enjoy every drop of the sauce.

Second -- baby arugula, prosciutto, tuscan melon on a birds nest w/ champagne vinaigrette. Wow! The first bite of this salad had such impact with so many assertive flavors working together. The dressing was fantastic, playing perfectly against the peppery bite of the greens. While classic and straight-forward, this was my favorite dish of the night. It was perfect.

Third -- grilled swordfish over tabbouleh topped w/ heirloom tomatoes. Simple, flavorful, perfectly cooked, dressed lightly with olive oil. I loved this dish because it was so light but with an interesting play of textures.

Fourth -- grilled beef tenderloin w/ roasted fingerling potatoes and purple dijon mustard. Each component was perfectly prepared, but the sauce was again the star. The beef was both fork-tender and flavorful.

Fifth -- layered devils food cake w/ milk chocolate and nutella icing. Great chocolate cake, perfect w/ a well-made cup of coffee.

We loved everything about Salum, but we were most impressed w/ the quality of service. WOW! Informative, unobtrusive, great wine suggestions. Some of the best service of any restaurant we've tried in Dallas.

Having tried most of the top end Dallas restaurants, I'd put Salum up there with Craft and Abacus. I enjoyed it more than Fearings or Stephen Pyles. Our fantastic meal, with 5 courses and drinks, came to only $130 before tip -- a steal for what we got! That's less than the per person cost of some of our other anniversary meals. I'm in love with this place and can't wait to go back.

Salum Restaurant
4152 Cole Ave # 103, Dallas, TX 75204

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Great post. I just had lunch there for the first time today and loved it! I was literally drinking the broth from the mussels and the creme brulee is possibly the best one I've ever had in DFW. Very reasonably priced for lunch. I'd absolutely go back again for lunch, and based on your post I'll have to hit it up for dinner sometime too.

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      1. re: missanusha

        Thanks! I wanted to do this place justice, as the meal was extraordinary. I should try lunch there, too.

      2. Yep, Salum is a real gem! I've always thought it's much better than Abacus. Probably, one of the very best restaurants in Dallas. And, I'm lucky enough to live around the corner from them.

        1. That's $130 for 5 courses dinner and drink for two people?? holy cow what a steal

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          1. re: zeruel13

            Yep, total steal. And the meal was far better than at other Dallas hot spots where we've spent twice that.