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Sep 3, 2011 01:39 PM

Korean in Bozeman MT or surrounding area (60 miles radius)

Is there any korean resturant or groceries in Bozeman MT or surrounding areas?
How about indian resturant or groceries?

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  1. I-Ho's Korean grill on campus is good. Been there a couple times. Good vegetarian dishes.

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    1. re: ganoom1

      I-Ho's is the only. But know that you get only what you order -- no banchan.

      1. re: Spot

        You mean you get no kimchi with your meal? Are the owners korean?
        I'm actually shocked (I understand its bozeman but I didn't think korean food could come without at least kimchi).

    2. Zero Indian anywhere. As for Korean, I-Ho is it, and it's marginal. It's on campus, serves very large portions (catering to the student population).. If you're really in search of Korean-Korean, I would honestly not set yourself up for a disappointment and would pretend that you didn't know about it : )

      1. Nope. Nada. Bozemanites like their food bland and not spicy or adventuresome. Sorry.

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        1. re: trudeman

          not completely true, now that there are multiple Thai options, including our newest which makes some dishes so hot as to render them inedible. my 3rd visit there, one dish that i'd had each time was beyond belief. when i mentioned it to the server, he proudly stated that it's not made with consistency. that was my last visit (Rice.)

        2. There is a korean grocery store in Great Falls. We bought her home made kimchee. Beyond 60 miles though.