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Sep 3, 2011 11:19 AM

pork belly and kimchi

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to buy pork belly at Jean Talon Market. I have read about a few listings of butchers at Atwater market. But Jean Talon Market for me is a bit more accessible so I was just wondering if anyone has purchased any there.
Also does anyone know of any authentic korean groceries in montreal? Do they exist? Perhaps somewhere that makes a nice homemade kimchi and has a nice selection of banchan.

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  1. > Also does anyone know of any authentic korean groceries in montreal? Do they exist?

    Try Epicerie Coréene on Sherbrooke W. near Grand. I haven't tried their homemade kimchi but I like their homemade veggie dumplings.

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      Porc Meilleur at JTM should carry it.

    2. Both locations of Jang Teu and Epicerie Coréenne et Japonaise mentionned by kpzoo sell home made kimchi.

      For pork belly, I would go to a big Asian supermarket like Kim Phat or Hawaï. If it's sliced pork belly you want, go to your nearest IGA. They've been pushing it very hard for grilling season. Pork belly at JTM butchers will probably require a special order.

      Jang Teu Marché Oriental
      2113 Decarie
      2109 St Catherine

      Marché d'Alimentation Coreen Mtl (Épicerie Coréenne et Japonaise
      )6151 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
      (514) 487-1672 ‎

      Marché Hawai
      1999 Boulevard Marcel-Laurin, Saint-Laurent
      (514) 856-0226 ‎

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        I have actually found that pork belly is *cheaper* at Atwater than at Kim Phat and Hawaii because of the relative demand.

        1. re: wattacetti

          That's good to know. I'm not in the habit of shopping at Atwater, but I'm a sucker for a good deal.

        2. Amazing korean grocer and organic produce store that sells locally made kimchi- Eden in La Cite on Parc

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          1. re: kpaxonite

            Eden also sells some banchan but not much, it's also pricey and Epicerie Coreene does not do too much better. I know that because Eden makes their kimchi and banchan in-house, I'm sure you can also try asking them to make you a larger portion of or specific banchan. I know that in Toronto this kind of request is common in Korean supermarkets so it may be worth asking here in Montreal.

            1. re: looosia

              cool thanks for everyone's suggestions! will definately try some of those places this week.

              1. re: looosia

                I've bought kimchi at Eden and it was expensive and honestly not all that awesome. A little bland. I've given up on buying good, cheapish kimchi and made myself a huge batch, I would recommend you do the same!! Not too much work and they have everything you need at Eden.

                1. re: kellyhay

                  I usually get my kimchi from Jang Teu and I always leave it out on the counter for a day or two before storing it in the fridge. It gives it a bit more oomph.

            2. FWIW, Young Brothers on Van Horne has kimchi that is quite good - I believe it is made on the premises but not entirely sure. This place is diagonally across from Outremont metro station.

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              1. re: anachemia

                Porc Meilleur does sell pork belly. I see it pretty much every time I go. I find their pork to be of very high quality.

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