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Sep 3, 2011 09:09 AM

New to Fort Worth - where to go?

I am a serious food lover who spend many years working in the service industry in New Orleans. I'll be spending this semester (until Dec 2011) llving in Fort Worth, as a grad student. Funds are a little limited, but I'm the type of person who would rather dine out much less often and get quality than waste my money on fast food three times a week. In general I stay away from all types of fast food and I avoid all national chains. I eat everything from French to Indian to Thai, and I love food with some spice to it. I'm also into the local food movement.

Suggestions? I live in the southwest corner of FW, near Benbrook, and I doubt I'll head into Dallas or Arlington with any frequency - I'm not a fan of long drives or traffic, so I'd probably have to have other business in those cities to head that way.

Additionally, recommendations that would appeal to someone who is less adventurous but still likes good food, and who has a serious shellfish allergy (can't use the same tongs or touch the same part of the grill) would be appreciated, as would places that it would be appropriate to bring an infant (maybe at lunch?). Thanks so much!!

Benbrook Cafe
4902 Highway 377, Westland, TX 76116

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  1. Check out the 'Headed to FW for Labor Day' thread about 6 threads down--it could not be more current.

    Spiral Diner is vegan, so should be absolutely safe for the shellfish allergy.

    I will say this ... if you are a serious food lover, you will find yourself in Dallas for food-related reasons. I often kill two birds and shop at the same time--both categories are better in Dallas.

    Fort Worth is very strong on culture--great museums--and we have a fantastic downtown. We are also nicer ... this is especially noticeable when you're on 35 in Dallas trying to move into the far left-hand lane to come back to Fort Worth ;)

    1. Near the TCU area, I'd suggest (the original) Fuzzy's Taco Shop, Dutch's Hamburgers, Carshon's Deli.

      If you enjoy locally brewed, craft beers , Rahr Brewery is in the Southside area and hosts Saturday tours/tasting -

      One place you don't want to miss while you're here is Babe's Chicken Dinner House - you will have take-home, which makes it well worth the $10/person for lunch or dinner (Dessert not included) - Arlington would be the closest location and be sure to go hungry.

      As you become more familiar with FW and the surrounding area, these food blogs can offer other suggestions - for a little more upscale, look in the Magnolia Av or West 7th/Cultural District areas.

      Here is a link to the Dallas Slow Food website -
      You will be most interested in discovering Potager Cafe in Arlington near UTA.

      Potager Cafe
      315 S Mesquite St, Arlington, TX 76010

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      1. re: CocoaNut

        LOL, I had already bookmarked both eatthisfortworth and holeinthewall before thinking to post a question herel. I've got some ideas of places to try from them. If Babe's has good fried chicken, I'll try to remember to give them a chance!

        1. re: MMB37

          It's definitely good fried chicken, and I always think there's something special about the Roanoke location ... haven't been to Arlington, but have been to Carrollton, Sanger, Frisco.

      2. Although not "ethnic", I would definitely give the Paris Coffee Shop a try.

        Paris Coffee Shop
        704 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

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        1. re: twinwillow

          I would call Paris "Texas ethnic"! hehe

        2. I would also try "Nonna Tata" for real home made Italian pasta dishes. Most all the pasta is freshly made in-house. And, it's BYOB! There's no corkage fee ($3.00 each) if you bring your own glasses.
          It's kind of "tight" inside but, you can sit outside with the baby and enjoy a lovely meal. It's (almost) like eating at someone's home in Italy. Check their hours as I believe they're only open a few nights a week around the weekend.
          I should also mention it's cash or checks only. No credit cards.
          And by all means, you must have the home made tiramisu for dessert!

          1. Freds Texan
            The Great Outdoors Sub Shop
            Love Shack
            Joe T Garcia's
            And my favorite upscale place in Grace!! YUM!!!

            Great Outdoors Sub Shop
            4043 Trinity Mills Rd Ste 109, Dallas, TX 75287