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Sep 3, 2011 08:12 AM

How do you "French" a chicken breast?

Today I was looking for some grill recipes and I came across a couple that called for frenched chicken breasts. I know how to french chops (though I am loathe to get rid of that great part of the meat along the bone) but don't inderstand how to do a chicken breast. Can anybody help me out on this?

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  1. Hi junescook. A "Frenched" chicken breast is the breast w/ the wing joint attached. It's a very pretty cut. Chicken on the bone is a much more delicious choice than BSCB.

    1. It's also called Roasted Airline Chicken Breast. Here's a photo of what it looks like...

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        Hey, nice. Thanks, Gio. I didn't think to do that. And I think the name, "Roasted Airline Chicken Breast" is hysterical - it occurs, I DID probably see my first one on a TWA flight (ha! boy, did I ever just date myself) at dinner service. And I recall, in that particular instance, that it wasn't delicious, but the cut itself impressed me.

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          So are all of the breast bones left intact? The shape looks more like you'd get with a boned breast rather than a bone-in.

          1. re: junescook

            I think that may be why that cut was developed - for the very reason you stated. But no, in my experience it's always been on the bone entirely, and I've never boned out that cut when I've butchered chickens - and I have done it many many times in qty. large and small. I hope this helps, and that your dinner is delicious.

      2. The original comment has been removed